All You Need To Know About The West Beach Palm Jumeirah In Dubai

Palm Jumeirah

Palm West Beach is the newest addition to the excellent beach
range in Dubai. Located on Palm Jumeirah, this recent beach creation is being
marketed, and for a good cause, as the “ultimate sunset destination”!
West Beach Palm Jumeirah
, which was opened to the public back in
October, has enough to attract beach lovers. Let’s get a look at what this hot
and happening spot has to offer.


Set on one of the world’s most spectacular human-made wonders,
Palm West is Dubai’s newest beachfront leisure destination to open. Ideally
positioned for Palm Jumeirah apartment owners, the beach provides stellar views
of Dubai’s skyline, miles of the azure sea, a strip of sand dotted with 300
palm trees, and spectacular sunsets, of course.

Nature aside, there is plenty more to see and appreciate at the
beach for tourists of all ages. West
Beach at Palm Jumeirah
has a range of water sports and events for you
to enjoy, such as surfing, roller skating, and more.

Loving eating on the beachfront? You’ve got the restaurants on
West Beach secured. Forget about packing your shoes and beachwear? There are
many stores and kiosks on the beach that stock anything you might like.


The beach is situated on the trunk portion of Palm Jumeirah’s
western slope. You can use the Google Plus code for Palm West Beach: 445R+4V
Dubai-United Arab Emirates for directions.

What are the Beach
Timings of Palm Jumeirah

The beach is available from early morning until late evening all
week. During the day, you can hit the beach at any time:

  • Timings for Palm West Beach:
    08:00 am to 12:00 am

What to Do at the
Palm Jumeirah WEST BEACH?

At Palm West Beach, tourists can enjoy a broad range of
activities. They include:


There is an array of opportunities available at West
for those pursuing water sports in Dubai. Many of these
activities on water include:

  • Catamaranes
  • Electric surfing and hydrofoil
  • Kayaking Kayaking
  • Boarding paddles
  • Bikes for the sea
  • Diving with VR


At the beach, you can borrow bicycles. The bikes are free to
adults and teenagers, so make it a family day.


If you’re looking for more things to do in Palm
West Beach
, get yourself a pair of roller skates and roll up and down
the promenade to the content of your heart!


For a good morning or evening exercise, jog or stroll around the
track. To keep you company, you should bring your fuzzy pets along.


Shop at the numerous shopping stores on the beach for beach
accessories and clothes. Atelier, Sweets and Lola, 2 Birds, and Oasis Apparel
are among Palm West Beach shops.

Swim, dance, bake, shop, and enjoy your time in West
Palm Beach
with all the enjoyable activities. You do have the luxury of
just enjoying a lazy day lounging away on the beach and in the sun, if nothing
else. Perhaps worse!


Foodies looking for a decent spot to dine should drive over to
one of Palm West Beach’s restaurants after a lazy day at the beach. The
restaurants comprise:


Jones, The Grocer at West Beach, has the best menu to serve
you a nice lunch, no matter what time of the day you visit. Dream of brunch by
the beach or a tasty dessert to go with your evening coffee.


This cheerful restaurant and bar welcome you to a relaxing
evening by the beach with its laidback Tiki vibes and Balinese fare. With
something tasty to munch on, enjoy your favorite cocktails while you watch the
sun go down.


Craving food from Mexico? For some great nachos, burgers,
guacamole, and other tasty items on their menu, head over to Señor Pico.

Hammers & APRONS

Aprons & Hammers is where you should be, with tasty seafood
and comfortable beachy vibes. The restaurant provides ample outdoor seating for
you to enjoy and bar options.

In addition to these restaurants, other West
Beach restaurants
scheduled to open shortly include Orange Chameleon,
Lucky Fish, and more.


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