Damac Hills, Dubai South, and Palm Jumeirah are among UAE’s famous rented villa communities

rented villa communities

UAE’s Famous Rented Villa Communities

Rented Villa Communities – Arabian Ranches 2, Damac Hills, Jumeirah Islands are expected to remain popular as rented accommodations this year, and Business Bay, Al Karama, and Dubai Marina are likely to control part of the flats due to their prime locations at affordable prices, according to research.

Zoom Property Insights said the official Dubai Residential Rental Performance Index (RRPI), launched by the Dubai Department of Land Affairs (DLD) recently, would help employers find a suitable place to live according to their budget. Based on this guide, the location of the flats and buildings is predicted to remain in demand among tenants and will set market trends in terms of price and resilience.

Referring to the latest CBRE Dubai Residential Market Snapshot data, Zoom Property Insights said the Emirate rental rate increased by 10.1 percent year-on-year to January, while apartments and housing increased by 8.3 percent and 22.8 percent, respectively.

As per the experts, due to the busy event schedule, growing economy, and the entry of high-profile tourists following the lifting of travel restrictions, rent is likely to continue to rise rapidly in the first half of 2022. By the second half, the rental increase might be reduced, although villa rental will continue to rise.

Famous villa communities

Despite the 4.01 percent rent increase, the elite community, Arabian Ranches 2, will continue to attract tenants this year. It is expected to retain its size by 2022 as more people seek larger and spacious homes in Dubai.

Damac Hills and Jumeirah Islands, with 1.58 percent and a 5.95 percent rent increase, respectively, are expected to remain popular with villa tenants by 2022.

The Expo 2020 shift to District 2020, which will be open to employers later this year, will help Dubai South to maintain its high momentum. The area recorded a 3.39 percent increase in the part of the village last month.

The recent decline in Palm Jumeirah’s Garden Homes by 1.34 percent will attract tenants looking for luxurious homes with beautiful waterfront views.

As per the experts, Some of the neighborhoods expected to function at the top of the housing market are Jumeirah Village Circle, The Springs, Jumeirah Village Triangle, Dubai Sports City, and Dubailand.

Popular apartments

Business Bay, which recorded the registration of 1,317 rental housing contracts in January as per the RRPI index, is predicted to continue its high performance throughout the year, attracting single and married people looking for a better quality of life.

Al Barsha South, Jabel Ali First, and Al Karama produced promising results in January according to the RRPI, and these communities are expected to remain in demand for rental housing throughout the year.

Downtown Dubai saw a 5.95 percent increase in housing on February 22. Despite high rents, the area is expected to attract tenants.

To maintain its high performance, JBR, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Golf Estates, International City, and Jumeirah Lake Towers are some communities that are predicted to remain popular among apartment owners in 2022.

Zoom Property

According to Ata Shobeiry, chief executive of Zoom Property, the launch of the first-e. er hiring index in Dubai will not only help employers make informed decisions but also stabilize the market.

Mr. Shobeiry stated that this strategic project will give companies detailed information about the operation of Dubai’s numerous communities, allowing them to save money on rent or relocate to a better location that better suits their needs.

Speaking about areas that will always be sought based on this hiring index, he said that the index has provided real insight into the operation of the hiring market.

In addition, he explained that employers have identified Jabel Ali First, Naif, Al Karama, and Al Warsan First as the top possibilities. I believe they will continue to be needed during the year with other popular rented villa communities, such as Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina, Business Bay, and International City.

The first official employment index showed the registration of more than 51.452 employment contracts in Dubai during January 2021, indicating that the year started on a high note. According to Zoom Property Insights, the market will continue its growth year-round.


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