While talking about the Real Estate Industry, it becomes a must factor to add UAE on the top of the list.
Real Estate Industry of UAE has gained a big name due to its flexibility and luxurious infrastructure within the Middle East’s industrial sector.
UAE has always welcomed the national and international folks to invest in the various big and small projects.
The developers working in UAE are the giant names serving was years with high quality and standards work. Their projects include a wide variety of properties spread in different emirates of which the mostly focused properties are listed as the Off-plan properties in UAE, Property for sale in Dubai, Property for sale in Abu Dhabi, Property for sale in Sharjah, Property for sale in Ajman, Property for sale in Ras Al-Khaimah, and Ready to move projects. These projects because of their development structures and status are often sold out even before the completion.

  • Emaar Properties
  • Damac Properties
  • Dubai Properties
    Dubai Properties
  • Azizi Developments
    Azizi Developments
  • The Heart of Europe
    The Heart of Europe
  • Time Properties
    Time Properties
  • Al Barari Developers
    Al Barari Developers
  • Omniyat
  • Tanmiyat Global Real Estate
    Tanmiyat Global Real Estate
  • Sobha Group
    Sobha Group
  • Ellington Properties
    Ellington Properties
  • Danube Properties
    Danube Properties
  • Falconcity of Wonders
    Falconcity of Wonders
  • Select Group
    Select Group
  • MAG Property Development
    MAG Property Development
  • Shaikhani Group
    Shaikhani Group
  • گروه کیان
    گروه کیان
  • Al Mazaya Real Estate
    Al Mazaya Real Estate
  • Tebyan Real Estate Development
    Tebyan Real Estate Development
  • ANK Developers
    ANK Developers
  • IFA Hotels & Resorts
    IFA Hotels & Resorts
  • Al Habtoor Group
    Al Habtoor Group
  • Aqua Properties
    Aqua Properties
  • Seven Tides International
    Seven Tides International
  • Aces Property Development
    Aces Property Development
  • ASAS Holding (Rose Homes Investment)
    ASAS Holding (Rose Homes Investment)
  • SP International Property Developers
    SP International Property Developers
  • Vincitore Real Estate Development LLC
    Vincitore Real Estate Development LLC
  • Akshara Global Real Estate Development
    Akshara Global Real Estate Development
  • Plazzo Development Real Estate
    Plazzo Development Real Estate
  • Nshama Property Developer Dubai
    Nshama Property Developer Dubai
  • Forum Group
    Forum Group
  • Deyaar Properties
    Deyaar Properties
  • Tiger Group
    Tiger Group
  • Bloom Properties UAE
    Bloom Properties UAE
  • Myra Properties
    Myra Properties
  • Triplanet Range Group
    Triplanet Range Group
  • Gemini Property Developers
    Gemini Property Developers
  • B&M Riviera Developments
    B&M Riviera Developments
  • Mada’in Properties
    Mada’in Properties
  • Arada Property Developer
    Arada Property Developer
  • Luxury Living Investments
    Luxury Living Investments
  • Oriental Pearls
    Oriental Pearls
  • Dubai Sport City
    Dubai Sport City
  • Al Futtaim Real Estate Group
    Al Futtaim Real Estate Group
  • Al Sharq Investment Group
    Al Sharq Investment Group
  • Meraas Holding
    Meraas Holding
  • Prescott Real Estate
    Prescott Real Estate
  • Artistic Legend Real Estate
    Artistic Legend Real Estate
  • Dubai Investments Real Estate
    Dubai Investments Real Estate
  • District One
    District One
  • Aldar Properties
    Aldar Properties
  • Sharjah Holding
    Sharjah Holding
  • Alef Group
    VAlef Group
  • Radiant Star Properties
    Radiant Star Properties
  • Arthur & Hardman
    Arthur & Hardman
  • City Properties
    City Properties
  • Swiss Property
    Swiss Property
  • Dar Al-Arkan
    Dar Al-Arkan
  • Iman Developer
    Iman Developer
  • LIV Developers
    LIV Developers
  • Ajmal Makan Properties
    Ajmal Makan Properties
  • Emerald Palace Group (EPG)
    Emerald Palace Group (EPG)
  • Dubai South
    Dubai South
  • Jumeirah Golf Estates
    Jumeirah Golf Estates
  • Binghatti Developers
    Binghatti Developers
  • Sweid & Sweid
    Sweid & Sweid
  • Signature Developers
    Signature Developers
  • FAM Holding
    FAM Holding
  • Majid Al Futtaim
    Majid Al Futtaim
  • Palma Holding
    Palma Holding
  • KOA
  • Titans Developers
    Titans Developers
  • Five Holdings
    Five Holdings
  • Samana Developers
    Samana Developers
  • Realty One Real Estate Development
    Realty One Real Estate Development
  • Revi Real Estate Development
    Revi Real Estate Development
  • Al Hamra Real Estate Developers
    Al Hamra Real Estate Developers
  • Diamond Developers
    Diamond Developers
  • Zaya Developer
    Zaya Developer
  • Nakheel Properties
    Nakheel Properties
  • Meraki Developers
    Meraki Developers
  • Shoumous Properties
    Shoumous Properties
  • Sweet Homes Real Estate
    Sweet Homes Real Estate
  • Eagle Hills
    Eagle Hills
  • Rosebay Real Estate Development LLC
    Rosebay Real Estate Development LLC
  • Dubai Holding
    Dubai Holding
  • Tilal Properties
    Tilal Properties
  • Green Group
    Green Group
  • Reportage Properties
    Reportage Properties
  • Arloid Real Estate Development
    Arloid Real Estate Development
  • Uniestate Properties
    Uniestate Properties
  • Green Yard Properties Development LLC
    Green Yard Properties Development LLC
  • RAK Properties
    RAK Properties
  • WOW Real Estate Development
    WOW Real Estate Development
  • AYS Property Development
    AYS Property Development
  • Pantheon Development
    Pantheon Development
  • Al Mizan Group
    Al Mizan Group
  • IMKAN Properties
    IMKAN Properties
  • Muscat Bay
    Muscat Bay
  • GROVY Real Estate Development LLC
    GROVY Real Estate Development LLC
  • Emaar Turkey
    Emaar Turkey


Buying a property in UAE had never become so convenient as it has become now. The United Arab Emirates’ Real Estate market alike other sectors have accomplished a great name. Different Real Estate Developers from across the globe are welcomed here to entertain the UAE with their high-class services.

For the past few years, the Real Estate Industry of UAE has faced many ups and downs. Previously, there was a lot of scammer in the market and it was too risky for the people to believe in any foreigner developers.

But later, the government of the United Arab Emirates introduced new rules and regulation for the foreigner making it very convenient to invest in any Property Developers in Dubai.

With time, it grows wider and hundreds of developers are part of UAE’s Real Estate Market. They work in various sectors across the Emirates where big conglomerates, or established by wealthy locals.

Today, one of the major financial hubs is in the UAE with about more than 85% foreigner population.

And over the decades, the rapid-growing economy has made remarkable growth exponentially.

Currently, there are many off-plan projects under construction with rapid completion and quality work, and many new projects are being launched day-to-day.

Such top Real Estate Developers in Dubai are very popular for their interesting building structures and designs across the world.

These comprehensive developers have become worthy of the development and success of the UAE’s Real Estate Market. They have been a big reason for the Urban changes of UAE and as well they have played a major role in the growth of travel and tourism, and business destinations in the world.

Some of the Big Developers’ names in the Real Estate Market of UAE who have proven themselves with their innovations and high-quality services.

These names have well established themselves that anyone can easily trust them for the investments and buying or selling of properties.

It is advised to the buyers and investors to thoroughly check the background and the profiles of the Property Developers in Dubai. Just looking at the features and specification of the properties is not enough but a proper history check is a must step to go. It can be beneficial for the clients in many ways as well can lead you to the developers’ other projects.


These developers are UAE’s most trustworthy and properly registered with the Dubai Land Department (DLD). Here, we provide you a complete guide and detail about all the developers in Dubai we work with along with their mission, vision, strategies, working history, and their portfolios.

Moreover, we also provide the details of each developer’s Off Plan Properties in Dubai, Properties for Sale, Sold Properties, and Ready to Move Properties with all the possible details.

We have tried to make it convenient with all respects for our valuable clients. You just have to go through the page and explore it for the property and developer of your choice.

For more guidance, the team of Owndxb feels pleasure to assist you.