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AYKON Towers

AYKON Towers

Aykon Towers is another Damac Properties marvel consisting of four eye-catching towers each built to set new standards for luxurious living. The magnificent towers are on Sheik Zayed Road where the essence of luxury modern life is epitomized!

AYKON Towers Overview

Price Per Sqft from AED -
Area from-
Type Apartments
Bedrooms -
Location Sheikh Zayed Road
Developer Projects124
Est. Completion 2022

AYKON Towers

The East Towers-The East Towers is built in the most prestigious and well connected neighborhood of Dubai. You will be surrounded at Sheik Zayed Road by Dubai's best attractions such as the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountains; Dubai Canal, City Stroll, BOXPARK as well as a range of multinational luxury brands. AYKON Towers has residences to sell, With stunning architecture and inspirational views, luxury studios, guest rooms and office space.

The West Towers--- The West Towers bring a fresh stratum of elegance to the Sheik Zayed Road culture where luxury lives forever!

The Club- The Club is an intimate resident-only atmosphere that mixes seamlessly with old-world elegance and natural beauty. The club provides eye-catching views of the surrounding city to be a great spot to lounge and socialize.

Aykon Plaza- AYKON Plaza is at the center of this beautiful creation. Actually it's an elevated platform that connects the East Buildings. It also allows for the city to enjoy and rest in its beautiful places. With any age and mood, Aykon Plaza still has plenty to sell, from welcoming swimming pools and professional fitness areas to street café culture and designer boutiques – much much more.


Located on Sheik Zayed Road means the Aykon Towers are in the center of beautiful skyscrapers as well as the best sights and landmarks in Dubai. Downtown Dubai and Burj Khalifa, for example, are only minutes from those iconic buildings. Aykon is a perfect way to explore life in the inner city at its best!

Illustrious Interiors

-- tower's interior is thoughtfully proportioned, and beautifully designed to the highest standards. Aykon Towers Interiors welcome incredible views of Dubai 's skyline into your real life. By spacious floor-to - ceiling windows large living spaces are drenched in natural light.

Motivating Outlooks

From any angle, you can enjoy breathtaking views at Aykon Towers; from Sheik Zayed Road to the Arabian Gulf; from Dubai Canal to the very heart of the city; from Safa Park to Dubai Marina;

Dubai City

Dubai is the town with sandy beaches and beautiful turquoise waters. It is also a beautiful middle-east paradise where at its finest it is known for lavish and glamorous lifestyle. All of these make Dubai a beautiful city where the best place to work, live and fly is. Both these are also combined with some amazing advantages.

The UAE is familiar with:

  • The bridge b/w The West & The East
  • Outstanding infrastructure
  • Steady currency
  • Tax-clear incomes
  • Incredible security
  • Cheeriest people in the society
  • Great salaries
  • Profitable businesses

If you choose small-budget big life, you 're in luck. A quick and versatile payment plan makes Aykon Towers your budget dream house!

AYKON Towers AYKON Towers Payment Plan

AYKON Towers Brochure and Floor Plans

AYKON Towers Location Map

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