Starting From

AED 1,073,888

Executive Residences

Executive Residences

Executive Residences is a residential community uniquely developed and conceptualized to blend a residential lifestyle with a highly commercial lifestyle by positioning these residences as home work in a home-like environment of residences and are located in the scenic heavenly community of Dubai Hills Estate planned and dedicated for an exceptionally roomy and relaxed lifestyle. Executive Residences is the residential component, offering 1BR, 2BR, 3BR apartments furnished with the finest of maestros and the best facilities around.

Executive Residences Overview

Starting Price

AED 1,073,888

Price Per Sqft from

AED 1,652

Area from

650 Sqft.


1BR, 2BR & 3BR

Developer Projects


Est. Completion




Executive Residences

Executive Residences is one of the region’s most awaited and planned residential / industrial projects due to the unusual amalgamated existence of being both a business and residential project. Executive Residences, as the name suggests, is a custom-made and hand-made building for top-level business executives who can operate and manage their companies at Executive Residences from their homes. All the dwellings within this luxurious and luxury residential creation were planned and constructed with the flourishing essence of the workspace combined and accommodated in a homelike environment in mind. Executive Residences have been backed up and provided by DMCC Free Zone authorities as a full-fledged Free Zone business area where investors can enjoy 100% Business Ownership, 0% Personal & Corporate Income Tax, 100% Capital Repatriation, and a whopping 15,000 + business network after investing in this mind-boggling development.

In addition, buying in The Executive Residences would also give buyers the ability to receive a Free 3 Year Renewable Business License as well as a Free 3 Year Renewable Family Residence Visa by paying just 20 per cent of the apartment price in advance. It can be expected that the novelty and out of box solution to this residential / commercial creation would be the brainchild of a very few talented master developers in the area and yes, you got it correctly! One such creative mind behind this splendor is the tailor-made Emaar Properties and the creative developer has once again labelled his special business niche for the mind-boggling idea. The unwavering efforts of dream creator Emaar Properties have brought the Executive Residences to life. Besides being so special and well thought out about residential / commercial development, its position in the spacious and extremely well-located and well-provided vicinity of Dubai Hills Estate is a striking feature of The Executive Residences

Dubai Hills Estate is a luxurious, high-end neighbor hoods composed of luxury villas with the finest interiors and amenities. The Farm, as the name suggests, was planned and constructed to be considered one of the city’s most top-notch and luxurious household creations. Dubai Hills Estate is in a desirable location with viable access to fine diners, shopping stores, health care services, leisure centers and educational institutions. Thus, as a convenient lifestyle pick, people who are looking to spend a comfortable life with the superior facilities should certainly move towards Dubai Hills Properties. At the development, the security and surveillance provisions make it all the more ideal to live in as a home option. To shed some light on the grandeur of this master development company, Emaar Properties is Emaar Group’s real estate arm, and is one of the UAE’s most esteemed master developers both locally and globally.

As a leader of large scaled and massively planned master plans, this mega developer has delivered some of the region’s groundbreaking projects and technologies. Emaar Properties is a well-trusted name in the UAE and is well-received in both the residential and commercial sectors, as it diversifies in both. As a pioneer in big sized and massively designed master plans, this mega developer has developed some of the innovative developments and innovations in the area. Emaar Properties is a well-confident name in the UAE and is well-received both in the residential and commercial sectors, as it diversifies in both. Now an official entrance and a part of the Dubai Financial Industry, Emaar Properties is not just a local but a multi-national arm of the original Emaar Group, which is globally renowned and developed. A name that definitely does not need introduction, this construction company has now become a household name due to its omnipresence in nearly every other mega project within the country. Yeah, of course we are talking about Emaar Resources.

Emaar is not only an agency for property growth, but rather a reflection of what Dubai has to offer as a city with all its glitter and glory. The expansion of the successful Emaar Company, Emaar Properties’ real estate and property management has gone through all the roadblocks to achieve this outstanding success and recognition. For all these years now, the real estate flagship of one of the most prominent and influential groups within the Emaar Properties area kept, and stood firmly on its ground. With many of its regional offices and subsidiaries in different countries, property construction and management operates across the globe delivering state-of-the-art land designs and projects under its superior flagship with the finest engineering and technology resources to it and thus stands tall and proud as Emaar Properties in the world today.

Hence, the newest commercial / residential project by Emaar Properties, Executive Residences is a hand-printed canvas of some of the region ‘s finest industry architects and interior designers who have delivered the finest of their skills within this project. Executive Residences offer 1BR, 2BR, 3BR apartments immaculately infrastructure with the finest collection of interior furnishings and wardrobe and cabinet spaces and a touch-like workspace owing to their influence driven by world-class commercial and residential growth across the globe. With a colossal array of hundreds of apartments to choose from, the residential building gives buyers a broad range of options to choose from. These uber-chic and modern luxury buildings provide the tenants with the true essence of a homely relaxing atmosphere. So it would not be wrong to say that Executive Residences is the ultimate merger and culmination of both uber-modern and high-deluxe mixed with other aspects like the old, luxurious and Arab-world, and so the atmosphere and identity of this awesome creation rightly reflects.


Executive Residences by Emaar Properties is a well-equipped residential / commercial property with very quintessential amenities expected by the residents and, more specifically, well-planned to ensure the availability of all the amenities and services, in particular due to the unusual combination of becoming a residential workplace it includes. The community has a well-furnished health center supplying the residents with gymnasium, yoga, and fitness rooms. The availability of large conference rooms and meeting rooms in the immediate vicinity of these dwellings ensures that the building lives up to its commitment to be a vibrant home space function and facilitates its tenants with all the necessary needs required in the background. Hence, a dedicated Business Cafe, Zen & Yoga Gardens, Infinity Edge Pool and humongous Conference Rooms are some of the most unique and stunning facilities in Dubai Hills Estate’s Executive Residences by Emaar Properties. Not only does it stop there, but, with beautiful green parks in the vicinity, the whole city holds a feel-good quality to it.

Executive Residences is located along Dubai Hills Estate nestling in the lap of the majestic Dubai Hills Park and Dubai Hills Boulevard which stands in all its grandeur in a beautiful and wholesome mixed-use development involving spacious and convenient area for surrounding residential development. Executive Residences thus enjoy access to certain state-of-the-art facilities in the local area owing to its location along Dubai Hills Land. This residential / commercial neighbor hoods are an all-encompassing one, whether it’s designated independent swimming pools for men and women or protected and gated play areas for the girls. Covered parking spaces and 24/7 security monitoring also serve as one of Emaar Properties’ most striking arrangements for this residential building. In addition to these requirements, the neighborhood also enjoys easy proximity to the best shopping, entertainment, eating and leisure spots in town. Overcoming all these state-of-the-art services, though, is the touch of hospitality to everyone that is offered inside those homes. Both residences are very well equipped at all times with unique workspace like services, so tenants can rely on the elegance of these residences.


It’s the location of Executive Residences in Dubai Hills Estate’s magnificently scenic area that makes this project exceptionally special and one of a kind in its design. And no matter how comfortable the property is, how spacious and pleasant it is designed, how comfortably and feasibly it incorporates all the services and amenities surrounding it, the location of any given property often acts as a game changer because the ease, usability and efficiency of that position also acts as ground rules for an investor’s decision-making process. Therefore, in this particular case of making such a rare residential / commercial development happen, In order to ensure that they put, found and installed their newest unique enterprise in the right way, Emaar Properties had to go an extra mile, one Herculean responsibility that the master developer had to bear. Therefore, due to the strategic and well thought out history of Emaar Resources comprehensive analysis and homework, Executive Residences in Dubai Hills Estate enjoys a very strategic and central position when it comes to the ease of travel and residential luxury it promises to provide to both its investors and residents.

Executive Residences are built alongside beautifully crafted residential and commercial construction i.e. Located in Dubai Hills. Dubai Hills Estate is a mega-venture comprising apartments and villas for sale in Dubai on Mohammed Bin Rashid Road which are beautifully infrastructure and carefully built. As the developer name suggests, this estate was built to feature the most attractive and spacious residential properties for Emirate residents. Dubai Hills Estate represents a fine blend between a natural ecosystem and a suburb dominated by modernity. It mainly features huge commodious villas for sale in Dubai, thanks to its larger-than – life infrastructure. And that’s the very reason why such a large and gigantic construction has put a compact development like The Executive Residences. Because of this strategic location, Executive Residences are situated in close proximity to some of the city’s most significant areas, such as Downtown Dubai, Company Bay, Dubai Mall & Burj Khalifa etc.

Not just that, the residential building is also situated very close to the best recreational main areas in town. The exquisite view of Dubai’s scintillating coastal waters offered the residents as they live at The Executive Residences together with a breathtaking glimpse at Dubai ‘s skyline captivates you instantly. Having said that, however, it would not be incorrect to claim that construction would not necessarily involve proximity to the nearest recreational and leisure spots as it is incredibly special and recreational in its own size, and is more of a well-provided workspace than anything else. Dubai Hills Estate was developed and planned to take account of all such factors. One can not only enjoy its serene, peaceful and spacious location close and yet at a distance from the hustle and bustle of the area, but also the Pandora box full of leisure and enjoyable activities it offers residents selecting Executive Residences as their address. Here is your ideal home, and the dreamiest workspace.

Payment Plan

  • 40/60 Installment package-three years after delivery
  • DLD Exclusion of 2 per cent



Payment (%)

1st Installment

During Construction50%
2nd Installment3 Years Post-Handover


Price Range

Dubai Hills Estate – 1BR Apartment for sale in Executive Residences by Emaar Properties


Size from – to (Sqft.)Price from – to (AED)
652 To 872

1,047,888 To 1,178,888

Dubai Hills Estate – 2BR Apartment for sale in Executive Residences by Emaar Properties


Size from – to (Sqft.)Price from – to (AED)
996 To 1,938

1,483,888 To 2,292,888

Dubai Hills Estate – 3BR Apartment for sale in Executive Residences by Emaar Properties


Size from – to (Sqft.)Price from – to (AED)
1583 To 2242

2,506,88 To 2,962,888

Executive Residences Brochure and Floor Plans

Executive Residences Location Map

Executive Residences 360 VIEW

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