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La Rive Residences

La Rive Residences

La Rive Residences is a newly built residential extension to Meraas Holding’s already well-known stunning, stunning residential development with spacious and pleasant 1BR, 2BR, 3BR, 4BR & 5BR apartments with the finest selection of facilities and an extraordinarily central position in the island vicinity of Port De La Mer. La Rive Residences is a luxurious property planned and devoted to an exceptionally spacious and luxurious lifestyle with all the city light glamour and glitz, located by Meraas Holding in Dubai’s newly developed most sought after and most iconic address and growth of Port De La Mer. La Rive Residences is the residential part of Port De La Mer ‘s stunning creation, offering 1BR, 2BR, 3BR, 4BR & 5BR apartments adorned by the finest teachers in the field of architecture and infrastructure, and all residences are well fitted with the best facilities around them.

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La Rive Residences

La Rive Residences at Port De La Mer is Meraas newest addition to the current chain of the most impressive & innovative residential ventures, which has now appeared on the market as the counterpart to La Cote Residences’ already well-received and much-applauded residential venture at Port De La Mer. With 1BR, 2BR, 3BR, 4BR & 5BR apartments and a reserved space for townhouses, La Rive also blends luxury accommodation with a comfortable lifestyle bringing access to all the defining necessities of existence. In this way, La Rive at Port De La Mer is unquestionably one of the most anticipated activities in the nation, especially after the staggering achievement of the past task by Meraas Keeping in precisely the same zone of Port De La Mer. This immaculate architecture features the stunning combination of coastal and marina views along with an incredibly accommodated urban lifestyle that is consistent with the residents of the metropolitan lifestyle in a city like Dubai.

All these apartments at La Rive in Port De La Mer, 1BR, 2BR, 3BR, 4BR & 5BR, consist of intricately built and decorated low-rise apartments that serve as the canvas of some of the best interior designers in the state. La Rive Residences at Port De La Mer consists of panoramic views of the Marina, breathtaking views of the coastal seas, Unmatched and unparalleled experiences of lifestyle and serves as the residents’ dream getaway when licensing in the same area. All apartments have separate out-looking balconies which give a stunning view of the surrounding stunning Port De La Mer. Being solid as a testament to the fact that this mission is deserving of a reliable one, As a classic and much applauded and remembered master developer in the area, it is already well believed that ,Meraas Holding has built its path-breaking new La Rive Residences project along Dubai’s most central and world-renowned iconic destination, such as Port De La Mer, which is itself a newly established venture in one of Dubai’s most globally and locally sought-after destinations.

It is definitely not an unknown reality that Meraas Holding is undoubtedly and unequivocally one of the fastest-paced well-received property development entities in the UAE when talking about the developer master mind behind this spectacular rise. Starting out in 2007 as a joint conglomerate holding firm, this luxury master developer has stood out for its sheer consistency and diligence to excellence within its ventures over the entire decade. Meraas Holding, based and headquartered in Dubai, has carried out some iconic and landmark ventures that contribute to the global appeal of the city and scope in the past, such as City Walk Dubai, Nikki Beach & Resort Spa Dubai, etc., serving as the latest travel destinations. Of default, Meraas Holding is one of the most popular real-estate conglomerates of all times and, when it comes to being the top of this region’s game conglomerate, it’s no less than a success story within itself. Since its inception and implementation in 2007, Meraas Holding has risen to these new heights of growth and popularity within the area due to its specific and competitive approach to evolving the Gen-X uber modern models in shopping, leisure and contemporary lifestyle creation. A fundamental class and stylish resonance can be seen reflected in all that Meraas Keeping does and furnishes the region with, and that is this ace engineer’s USP and unmistakable character. As the master developer is committed to providing the highest quality management and growth in each of its projects, Meraas Holding will only collaborate with top-of-the-line partners and best in class partners to accomplish the same. The versatility it has been able to bring to the area, whether through its hospitality innovations, retail ones, or recreational ones, is one thing Meraas Holding has always stood for and remains to crown.

Meraas Holding brags some Dubai’s generally searched after and well known areas, for example, Jumeirah, Palm Jumeirah, Downtown Dubai, Jebel Ali, Sheik Zayed Road and Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) and so on. On all they have entered into, the property development maestros have left a mark. In addition to all these, the master developers are also considered to own a bank of land in some of the main locations in the country due to their strategic and nuclear position and the popularity of those places among locals, expatriates, as well as travelers and visitors due to their strategic and out-of-the-box planning techniques. It is a globally established reality that within the country, Meraas Holding has produced some incredibly famous and splendid projects. The conglomerate of master growth and investment management has neither shied away nor limited itself to only one facet of property venturing capability. Famous and pivotal projects across industries such as real estate, hospitality, leisure as well as unprecedented residential ones were very experimental and effective at it with numerous Meraas Keeping. And now, again, this breakthrough landmark project in the area that is certainly worth applauding and is certainly the beautiful and charismatic creation of La Rive Residences has still been pulled off by Meraas Keeping.

La Rive Residences is a hand-printed canvas from some of the region ‘s finest industry architects and interior designers who have produced the finest of their talents throughout this process. La Rive Residences comprises 1BR, 2BR, 3BR, 4BR & 5BR apartments immaculately infrastructure across an endless variety of floor plans with the finest collection of interior furnishings and wardrobe and cabinet space. These uber-chic and urban apartments provide tenants with the truest essence of a homely happy feeling along with the stunning views of the skyline of Dubai as well as the scintillating waters of the Marina and its intense closeness to the glorious Burj Khalifa skyscraper. Therefore, it will not be incorrect to say that La Rive Residences is the ultimate convergence and culmination of all uber-modern and trendy combined with all classical and ancient stuff, and so the atmosphere and identity of this incredible creation rightly reflects. As far as the location of La Rive Residences at Port De La Mer is concerned, it is located in one of the most popular and successful newly established destinations in Dubai i.e. De La Mer Terminal. Port De La Mer, a stunning sea-side neighborhood situated close to the shores of Jumeirah, is centered around a large community comprising many famous city districts. Port De La Mer is one of the region’s first and finest freehold master communities and is known as the greatest island luxurious getaway for people staying in the Emirate.

Port De La Mer, with its five-star hospitality facilities, 24/7 beach access, spectacular views of the Marina promenade and Pearl Jumeirah, vast and spacious courtyards and surrounding land areas, offers a special marina promenade and a comfortable waterfront lifestyle, and is most definitely one of the most glamorous and exclusive developments in the Emirate. In addition, thanks to its proximity to Marina, the entire community gives residents a beautiful 24/7 view of the lucent waters rushing through the Marina. Port De La Mer has a multitude of the finest services available. Premium amenities such as large swimming pools, a dedicated gym, a spacious beach and marina access as well as close proximity to the finest collection of hotels, shopping stores, dinners and restaurants are some of the main pluses residents can enjoy at Port De La Mer. Port De La Mer, being a port is accessible both by road and sea, which is why La Rive is also a rare and accessible residential property at Port De La Mer.


For residents to enjoy and go to, La Rive Residences at Port De La Mer has an immense amount of some of the finest facilities in its setting. The development has a well-furnished wellness center that provides tenants with a gym, yoga, as well as workout space. In addition, custom-made indoor facilities such as Swimming Pools, Lap Pools, Club Lounge, Fitness Centers, Dressing Rooms, Children’s Play Rooms, Sun Terrace, Home Terrace, and Garden Terrace are some of the impressive, custom-made facilities that La Rive Residences by Meraas Holding offers its citizens. The atmosphere of this area is further improved by a well-centered podium and vibrant piazzas in the surroundings of La Rive at Port De La Mer. It is not just, though, that the whole city holds a feel-good essence of lush green parks in the area, where people can breathe in fresh air and experience a wonderfully natural and sustainable lifestyle.

La Rive Residences is located along Port De La Mer, which is unquestionably an iconically stunning and wholesome mixed-use plan that entails spacious and pleasant residential growth in the surrounding city, so La Rive Residences enjoy access to certain state-of-the-art facilities in the surroundings due to its proximity along Port De La Mer. This affluent community is an all-encompassing one, be it designated separate swimming pools for men and women or protected and gated play areas for the girls. Covered parking spaces and 24/7 security checks also serve as one of Meraas Holding’s most striking requirements for this residential growth. In addition, the residential plan features busy piazzas and strategically placed bridges to help people move safely inside the neighborhood, in addition to all these amenities. In addition to these necessities, the neighborhood also enjoys near access to the best shopping, leisure, eating and entertainment spots in town as well as intense proximity to some of the city’s world-renowned destinations.

La Rive Residences Location

One such aspect is the proximity and accessibility of a residential construction that sometimes comes into play as the most defining consideration for an owner to pick a property to move in and call their home. Therefore, as with any other residential development, the site of La Rive at Port De La Mer has been of particular concern. Fortunately, and because of the strategic and well-thought-out history analysis and homework of Meraas Holding, La Rive Residences in Port De La Mer enjoys a very strategic and central position when it comes to the ease of travel and ease of residence that it intends to offer its investors and residents alike. La Rive Residences lies along the beautifully built and positioned industrial and residential development i.e. Port De La Mer in Jumeirah, a booming town. Enjoying a very convenient and central location, La Rive at Port De La Mer is just a 5-minute walk from Meraas, a 10-minute walk from the popular Meraas City Stroll, a 15-minute drive from Dubai International Airport and 45 minutes from Al Maktoum International Airport. This ensures that citizens can have convenient access to the city’s key attractions and have a stunning view of the coastline.

Moreover, it is very self-satisfying in its nature that Port De La Mer is situated within the Jumeirah region which is itself a finely created creation within Dubai and so this mere reality should suffice for residents and investors alike to make this investment once in a lifetime in the form of owning a property in the vicinity of La Rive Residences at Port De La Mer. Instead of all this, it would not be incorrect to say that construction would not ultimately involve proximity to the nearest recreational and leisure spots as it is in its own nature incredibly special and recreational. Port De La Mer was developed and planned to take account of all these factors. Not only can one enjoy its lively, upbeat and spacious location right in the middle of the busy heart of the area, but also the pandora box full of leisure and enjoyable activities it offers residents choosing La Rive Residences as their address. And on the last note, to top it all off, residents will enjoy 24/7 relaxing views of the city ‘s coastline and the breathtaking Marina while staying at La Rive Residences in Port De La Mer, Jumeirah.

La Rive Residences Features

Inspired by the Mediterranean allure, port de La Mer provides panoramic views of the open sea and the skyline of Dubai, it is truly an island escape within the city. The residential neighborhood provides impressive services and restaurants at the tip of La Mer ‘s northern peninsula.

  • Seaside promenades sitting above Pearl Jumeira
  • +190 billet marina and yacht club
  • Sea shore access
  • Feasting, shopping, and relaxation encounters
  • Lodgings and resorts in the region
  • Open air park and play zone
  • Finished porches
  • Pools

Payment Plan

InstallmentMilestonePayment (%)
1st InstallmentPurchased Date5%
2nd Installment2 Months from Purchased Date5%
3rd Installment8 Months from Purchased Date10%
4th Installment14 Months from Purchased Date10%
5th Installment20 Months from Purchased Date10%
6th InstallmentOn Handover (Q4 2020)60%

Price Range

Port De La Mer – 1BR Apartment Townhouse by Meraas Holding for sale in La Rive Residences

1BRSize from – to (Sqft.)Price from – to (AED)
790 To 1133Ask for Price

Port De La Mer – 2BR Apartment Townhouse by Meraas Holding for sale in La Rive Residences

2BRSize from – to (Sqft.)Price from – to (AED)
1210 To 1545Ask for Price

Port De La Mer – 3BR Apartment Townhouse by Meraas Holding for sale in La Rive Residences

3BRSize from – to (Sqft.)Price from – to (AED)
1912 To 2826Ask for Price

Port De La Mer – 4BR Apartment Townhouse by Meraas Holding for sale in La Rive Residences

4BRSize from – to (Sqft.)Price from – to (AED)
2735 To 3291Ask for Price

Port De La Mer – 5BR Apartment Townhouse by Meraas Holding for sale in La Rive Residences

5BRSize from – to (Sqft.)Price from – to (AED)
Sqft.Ask for Price

La Rive Residences Brochure and Floor Plans

La Rive Residences Location Map

La Rive Residences 360 VIEW

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