Starting From

AED 2,347,280

Morooj North Plots

Morooj North Plots

Morooj North consists of a range of mixed-use plots suitable for houses of contemporary and postmodern style. These plots are situated in Sharjah’s first trendy city, “Tilal City.”

Morooj North Plots Overview

Starting Price

AED 2,347,280

Price Per Sqft from

AED 43

Area from

54970 Sqft.


G+3, G+P+4, G+P+5


Developer Projects


Est. Completion




Morooj North Plots

Morooj North is potentially the most impressive and special area in the UAE. That is because that time you get the unique chance to build your ideal home, lifestyle and future. Such magnificent lands are the ideal mix of exclusive venue, the attractiveness of open space and excellent benefits. Besides these, Morooj North is an incredible investment opportunity, or an opportunity to get your post-modern home. These coveted lands are the Sharjah government’s MEGA project and the private sector. They are literally going to be the most special deal of your life and that is why!

This time, you’re granted the chance to own your post-modern house that reflects your fantasies and creativity. You do have the chance to build your little slice of heaven that represents your personality, your fantasies and your imaginations. That is what makes the sought-after Morooj North among the country’s most unique and amazing offers.

Like these, it’s set to be your post-modern home where a wonderful lifestyle awaits you. It would truly be your fantasy home, where the imaginations would be epitomized. So if you’re looking for a change in the sea, this is your chance right here!

Exclusive Location

Morooj North Plots are located in Sharjah’s first glamorous city, “Tilal City.” Tilal City is Sharjah’s most lively city where the greatest place to stay, function and be entertained in is. Tilal City is also a popular destination providing a variety of world-class services to build a beautiful lifestyle.

Tilal City also houses a public park that can carry the joy of nature into your existence. In addition to these, the pedestrian walkways, shopping stores and a public park render life more appealing.

Tilal City is also a fantastic area with tremendous promise. Tilal City reflects the ideal set of outstanding high-end services. Such exclusive features will make your life cozier and more special. Above all these amazing facilities will give you a lifestyle of world class.

A few of them include:

  • Nurseries
  • Gardens
  • Mosques
  • Schools
  • Green spaces

In addition to these, Tilal City is host to the region’s largest industrial center. In addition, in this area there is a 5-star hotel which is managed by Hilton. Such high-end sites bring a touch of comfort to your existence.

As well as these, staying in this high-end place, you’ll be at the heart of the best attractions and landmarks in the UAE.

There, for example, are only:

  • 5 Mins to Dubai Emirates
  • 25 Minutes to Dubai Airport
  • 20 minutes to town worldwide
  • 20 Minutes to IMG fantasy universe
  • 30 Mins to the Press Center of Dubai

* The awe-inspiring green space beauty combines both of these wonderful apps. This culture is therefore the perfect environment to work, stay and be amused in. It is going to be one of the most unique communities in which tranquility and convenience predominate!

  • Funding via Sharjah Islamic Bank
  • No residency is necessary for the investment
  • Simple to pay schedule up to 24 months
  • ZERO Maintenance and Public Fees
  • Extensions of the water and central gas terminated
  • Tilal City Sewage Station STP plant
  • There are comprehensive infrastructures
  • First group in Sharjah intended for master
  • Open to all Canadians

The United Arab Emirates

The UAE is the land with pristine beaches and eye-catching turquoise mud. This is also a dream middle-eastern paradise where royal and luxurious lifestyle is renowned. These all make this marvelous country the best place to work, live and travel. Both these are also combined with many amazing advantages.

The UAE is popular for:

  • The North and The South Bridge
  • Splendid network
  • Currency stable
  • Revenues tax-free
  • Undoubted safety
  • Few Good People in the Country
  • High wages
  • Lucrative manufacturing

Above everything, Morooj North Plots’ fantastic apps, an simple payment package brings importance to the investment. In other terms, for the smallest pay you’ve got the potential to live high. The payments of up to 24 months can bring you the most economical way to move back to your goals!

Only let us know and have your dream property as quickly as possible and as cheap as possible!

Payment Plan Options

  • Option 1: Cash Payment
  • Option 2: 24 months Payment Plan

Price Range

Tilal City –  G+3 Lan for sale in Morooj North Plots by Tilal Properties

G+3Size from – to (Sqft.)Price from – to (AED)
54,970 to 66,5832,347,280 to 3,086,600

Tilal City –  G+P+4 Lan for sale in Morooj North Plots by Tilal Properties

G+P+4Size from – to (Sqft.)Price from – to (AED)
44,169 to 79,5671,939,794 to 3,785,660

Tilal City –  G+P+5 Lan for sale in Morooj North Plots by Tilal Properties

G+P+5Size from – to (Sqft.)Price from – to (AED)
92,923 to 143,7855,554,660 to 8,594,900

Morooj North Plots Brochure and Floor Plans

Morooj North Plots Floor Plan

Morooj North Plots Master Plan

Morooj North Plots Location Map

Morooj North Plots 360 VIEW

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