Starting From

AED 450,000

The Boulevard Apartments

The Boulevard Apartments

The Boulevard Apartments Overview

Starting Price

AED 450,000

Price Per Sqft from

AED 817

Area from

551 Sqft.


1BR, 2BR, 3BR

Developer Projects


Est. Completion




The Boulevard Apartments

The Boulevard Apartments is an exclusive complex in the most exclusive area of Sharjah’s Aljada, consisting of New York-style apartments. With the most distinctive style, The Boulevard offers one, two, and three-bedroom apartments. The Boulevard is an attractive residential development with New York-style flats. These two, and three-bedroom flats are located in “Aljada,” Sharjah’s most important location.

Aljadah is Sharjah‘s most exclusive group, masterfully designed by one of the most renowned developers in the UAE, ‘Arada.’ In fact, this group is one of the most sought-after in the UAE, and the most hoped-for apartments are the Boulevard Apartments, and here’s why!

Why Choose Boulevard Apartments?

The beautiful Boulevard apartments are situated in the most exclusive ‘Aljada’ neighborhood of Sharjah. Aljada is a city within a city with an abundance of culture, recreation, industry, and lifestyle services, where the essence of inner-city living is epitomized. The Boulevard is set to be your peaceful corner, just below your balcony, where the buzzing city streets are.

Nearby Places:

In addition to these, you would be ideally related to the city’s best resorts and locations in the prime position of Sharjah. 

  • University City 3 mins away
  • Dubai International City 5 mins away
  • Sharjah Corniche 15 mins away
  • Dubai International Academic City 20 mins away


The Boulevard highlights a wide range of amenities as well as its prime location. You will find yourself surrounded by various world-class amenities in the magnificent apartments of Boulevard. It is the place to go if you want to know what it means to be comfortable and prosperous.

Some of them include:

  • Health club which is fully stocked
  • Shared swimming pool
  • Cafes and supermarkets
  • Key core
  • Exuberant green spaces
  • Splendidly landscaped park
  • Pubs
  • Company Park 

The Boulevard is the declaration of modesty in terms of exterior design while exhibiting exquisite sophistication. The simplicity is above all else, as these elegant apartments show a New York-style design. However, it should be said that the Boulevard’s exterior design is something beyond the traditional architecture concept!

Inside these magnificent apartments, the same thing appears. The insides of these lovely residences are a splendid exhibit of brilliant colors flawlessly blended with superb materials of YOUR choosing. To make this unique place feel HOME, all of these elements are finished with a touch of serenity!

Well-Known Developer!

Arada is one of the most innovative developers in the UAE who, since 2016, has begun to construct impressive buildings. Moreover, Arada is an exciting developer committed to building neighborhoods that inspire their people, interact, and enrich them. Besides, to redefine differentiation, Arada has a keen eye on information!

Why The United Arab Emirates?

The UAE is a land with sandy beaches and marvelous turquoise seas. In addition, it is a desirable middle-eastern paradise where the royal and luxurious lifestyle at its finest is known. These make the UAE a beautiful country where you can work, reside and fly in the best location. Many of these, though, is achieved with some fantastic advantages.

The UAE is familiar for:

  • The bridge between East and West
  • Excellent facilities
  • Stable currencies
  • Tax-free revenue
  • Incredible protection
  • The world’s happiest citizens
  • High incomes
  • Profitable firms

The Boulevard is the ultimate combination, according to the above, of the most exclusive venue, top-notch facilities, and a distinctive style. A quick and versatile payment package completes all of these fantastic features. In addition, this gives you the facility to buy your first home or move into one of the most promising investments. So, the Boulevard is an excellent chance not to be lost!

Payment Plan

InstallmentMilestonesPayments (%)
DepositImmediate10 %
1st InstallmentWithin 30 days of signing Reservation0.40 %
2nd InstallmentWithin 60 days of signing Reservation0.40 %
3rd InstallmentWithin 90 days of signing Reservation0.40 %
4th InstallmentWithin 120 days of signing Reservation0.40 %
5th InstallmentWithin 150 days of signing Reservation0.40 %
6th I InstallmentWithin 180 days of signing Reservation0.40 %
7th InstallmentWithin 210 days of signing Reservation0.40 %
8th  InstallmentWithin 240 days of signing Reservation0.40 %
9th InstallmentWithin 270 days of signing Reservation0.40 %
10th InstallmentWithin 300 days of signing Reservation0.40 %
11th InstallmentWithin 330 days of signing Reservation0.40 %
12th InstallmentWithin 360 days of signing Reservation0.40 %
13th InstallmentWithin 390 days of signing Reservation0.40 %
14th InstallmentWithin 420 days of signing Reservation0.40 %
15th InstallmentWithin 450 days of signing Reservation0.40 %
16th InstallmentWithin 480 days of signing Reservation0.40 %
17th InstallmentWithin 510 days of signing Reservation0.40 %
18th InstallmentWithin 540 days of signing Reservation80 %
19th InstallmentWithin 570 days of signing Reservation0.40 %
20th InstallmentWithin 600 days of signing Reservation0.40 %
21st InstallmentWithin 630 days of signing Reservation0.40 %
22nd InstallmentWithin 660 days of signing Reservation0.40 %
23rd InstallmentWithin 690 days of signing Reservation1.20 %
Final InstallmentOn Completion80 %

Price Range

Aljada- 1BR Apartment for Sale in the Boulevard  Apartments by Arada Property Developer
1BRSize from – to (Sqft.)Price from –  to (AED)
551 To 65450,000 To 523,200
Aljada- 2BR Apartment for Sale in the Boulevard  Apartments by Arada Property Developer
2BRSize from – to (Sqft.)Price from – to (AED)
949 To 1143735,475 To 885,825
Aljada- 3BR Apartment for Sale in the Boulevard  Apartments by Arada Property Developer
3BRSize from – to (Sqft.)Price from – to (AED)
1556 To 15791,200,740 To 1,184,250

The Boulevard Apartments Brochure and Floor Plans

The Boulevard Apartments Brochure

The Boulevard Apartments Floor Plan

The Boulevard Apartments Master Plan

The Boulevard Apartments Location Map

The Boulevard Apartments 360 VIEW

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