Viridis at Akoya Oxygen

Viridis at Akoya Oxygen

Viridis at Akoya Oxygen The four towers (two private and two hotel apartments) operated by NAIA Hotels & Resorts are

Kensington Boutique Villas

Kensington Boutique Villas

Kensington Boutique Villas, making this neighborhood one of the city’s most respected names. Inspired by the wealthy London district. Set

Akoya Manarola Villas

Akoya Manarola Villas

Damac is launching its Akoya Manarola Villas, a villa in the Akoya Oxygen City Golf City. This lively golf culture,

Cascade Villas

Cascade Villas

Cascade Villas provide ample spaces to allow residents to decorate and tailor to anyone ‘s tastes both indoors and outdoors.

Chelsea Standalone Boutique Villas

Chelsea Boutique

Chelsea Boutique Villas comprises of select completely outfitted estates and Damac Properties plant, arranged in Akoya Oxygen. It is roused

Beverly Hills Boutique Villas

Beverly Hills Villas

The Beverly Hills Villas offer Akoya Oxygen-inspired California resort residences and conations to the international golf community’s world-class facilities and unique

Akoya Genus Villas

Akoya Genus Villas

Akoya Genus Villas is a community of homes that provide families with enough room to expand and flourish. A terrace

Navitas dubai


The Navitas Hotel and Residences advancement is arranged in one of the most anticipated ace networks in Dubai oxygen, containing

Casablanca Boutique Villas

Casablanca to Dubai

Casablanca to Dubai by DAMAC Properties is a lot of lovely overhauled and outfitted estates that make certain to enrapture

Hajar Stone Villas by Damac

HAJAR Stone Villas

Hajar Stone Villas are extravagance homes that mix chronicled building style with sheer solace and are obviously situated within the


The UAE’s real estate market has seen everything from low-cost housing to high-end luxury constructions. The establishment of a fully green neighborhood, on the other hand, had been left untouched. Akoya Oxygen (Damac Hills 2) was created as a natural and sustainable development to ensure that people breathe only pure air.

The developers, on the other hand, had to work hard to prove their ability to create a clean, sustainable, and efficient neighborhood in the middle of the city’s rush and bustle. Resulting, Akoya Oxygen (Damac Hills 2) is that one exceptional nature-driven, environmentally-friendly residential area that nestles amidst the city’s busiest metropolitan districts and is the perfect example of a sanctuary for those who want to balance their lives in the most natural way possible with the responsibilities that living in a sprawling metropolis like Dubai brings.

As a result, Akoya has the most elegantly built sustainability-driven Akoya Oxygen villa for sale in Dubai, including spaciously constructed Apartments and Villas.

Why to go with Akoya Oxygen?

The location of Akoya Oxygen (Damac Hills 2) is quite convenient, and location is one of the most important factors in one’s choosing to live in a certain area. Second, this residential development is not only in an outstanding position, but it is also close to all of the major essential important destinations, including the Burj Khalifa, the Mall of the Emirates, some of the greatest Educational Institutions in the region, and several Healthcare Centers.

Furthermore, investment in such a sought-after location usually comes with the promise of significant future returns and advantages.

Nearby Areas

There are schools and nurseries, Shopping malls, hotels, and hospitals in Akoya oxygen map. Below is the list:

Adjacent Nursery & School:

  • Deutsche Internationale Schule Dubai
  • GEMS FirstPoint School, The Villa
  • GEMS Wellington Academy
  • Indian International School

Adjacent Shopping Mall:

  • Dubai Outlet Mall

Adjacent Hotel:

  • Abidos Hotel Apartment Dubai land
  • Auris Fakhruddin Hotel Apartments
  • Premier Inn Dubai Silicon Oasis Hotel

Adjacent Hospital:

  • Medicentres, Dubai land
  • Aster Clinic Silicon Oasis
  • Farha Clinics Children Centre