Al Mamsha Apartments

Al Mamsha Apartments

Alef Group’s Al Mamsha Apartments is a marvelous residential project inside the recent Sharjah Al Mamsha development. Offering spacious apartments

In Sharjah, Al Mamsha is a magnificent mixed-use development that offers everything you need in an upscale, pedestrian-friendly setting with modern living, shopping, and leisure. The advanced landmark is nestled in an urban environment that facilitates walkability. Al Mamsha is an integrated lifestyle development built with many sidewalks and walkways with greenery and open areas and bustling with shopping and leisure districts.

Al Mamsha’s residences combine a minimalist style and unique interiors, complementing the wealthy neighborhood’s simplistic but serene atmosphere. The community promotes environmental stewardship. Green sidewalks and walkways can be seen all over the territory.


A few of the new amenities available in Al Mamshainclude:

  • nurseries
  • SPA
  • leisure centers
  • recreational features
  • malls
  • concert stages
  • art galleries
  • parks
  • landscape gardens


The community is located in the core of ‘modern’ Sharjah, just off Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road and only a few minutes from Sharjah International Airport and University City. Five minutes away from the Sharjah-Dubai border is Al Mamsha as well.

Nearby Areas

Adjacent School and Nursery:

The neighborhood itself has a school and a nursery of its own. Here is a list of nearby schools / s:

  • Millennium School Jewels
  • British International School Sharjah
  • Creative Science International School
  • Providence Private School of English
  • International School Wes green

Adjacent Mall:

There are a mall and a community center in the city itself. Here is a list of nearby malls / s:

  • Mall of Saif Zone
  • Mega Shopping Center
  • Secure Shopping Centre

Adjacent Al Mamsha Hotel:

The region itself has a hotel of its own. Here is a list of nearby hotels / s:

  • The Sharjah Centro

Adjacent Hospital:

The city itself has a hospital of its own. Here is a list of nearby hospitals / s:

  • Muweilah’sThumbay Hospital Daycare