Meera Residence

Meera Residence

Meera Residence is a spectacular collection of over 400 residential units, featuring one, two, and three-bedroom homes with breathtaking views.

Pixel Towers

Pixel Towers

Pixel Towers is one of IMKAN’s most current and popular productions. These exquisite buildings are located inside the Pixel neighborhood

The Bridges Apartments

The Bridges Apartments

The Bridges Apartments by Aldar Property is a mid-rise tower set of apartments situated inside the majestic city of Reem

Reflection Apartments

Reflection Apartments

Reflection Apartments by Al Dar, consisting of 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom studio apartments situated in the center of Reem Islands.

A mixed-use master plan for residential, industrial, and business ventures is Al Reem Island. The project, covering 6.5 million square meters and an investment cost of $30 billion, is among the free zones in Abu Dhabi and has become one of the most renowned foreign projects.

It implies that properties in the region are available for purchase or leasing by foreign nationals. The area’s position is adjacent to the central business district on Al Mariah Island Abu Dhabi. The city center and several hotels and hospitals are also only a few minutes away.

Al Reem Island is a master-planned community designed for urban living. Unlike other islands off the coast of the United Arab Emirates, it is constructed on existing land with beautiful natural shorelines.

It is, however, conveniently accessible and will, in the future, be an amenity-rich district. Almost half of the neighborhood’s property will be devoted to green fields, public gardens, children’s playgrounds, shaded walkways, numerous schools, health centers, public parks, and advanced public transportation services.

The island is adjacent to Abu Dhabi’s Central Business District, Maryah Island, Saadiyat’s cultural island. Its massive apartment complexes have shopping malls and schools, making it a perfect place to balance work-life balance.

Nearby Areas

Adjacent School and Nursery:

The neighborhood itself has a school and a nursery of its own. Underneath is a list of adjacent schools:

  • School at the Repton Base

Adjacent Shopping Mall and Community Center:

The neighborhood itself has its mall and community center for shopping. Underneath is a list of adjacent malls:

  • Boutik shams
  • Mall of Paragon Bay

Adjacent Hotel:

The region itself has a hotel of its own. Underneath is a list of adjacent hotels:

Adjacent Hospital and Clinics:

The city itself has hospitals and clinics of its own. Underneath is a list of adjacent hospitals and clinics:

  • Abu Dhabi’s Cleveland Clinic
  • Hospital Al Salama