Lamborghini Mansions Dubai

The Lamborghini Mansion Villas

The Lamborghini Mansion Villas have a highly acclaimed location, top-notch facilities, & excellent access to other parts of Dubai. The

Pinnacle Tower

Pinnacle Tower

Pinnacle Tower is a brand-new beautiful tower in Dubai Hills Estate, one of the most sought-after residential neighborhoods in the

Golf Place II Villas

Golf Place II Villas

Golf Place II Villas – Golf Place I’s resounding success prepared the stage for Golf Place II’s debut. Golf Place

Golf Grove Villas

Golf Grove Villas

Golf Grove is a new, one-of-a-kind luxury property featuring 3BR and 4BR Villas located in Mohammed bin Rashid City’s Dubai

Emerald Hills Plot II

Emerald Hills Plot II is the second phase of Emaar’s exclusive project at Dubai Hills Estate, one of Dubai’s most

Maple Dubai Hills

Maple Dubai Hills is an exclusive townhouse neighborhood, developed along an interconnected network of lush green corridors tucked away to

Acacia Villas Phase 4

Acacia Villas Park Heights

Acacia Villas Park Heights is a beautiful and inspiring complex of apartments located in the Dubai Hills Estate district. The


Dubai Hills Estate is a mega-venture on Mohammed Bin Rashid Road that consists of beautifully built and carefully crafted apartments and Dubai Hills Estate villas for sale in Dubai. This estate has been created to include the most attractive and spacious residential developments for the Emirate residents, as the product’s name suggests. The Dubai hills estate location is a fine mix between the natural world and a suburb driven by modernity. Mainly Dubai Hills Estate Villas are featured big, roomy due to their larger-than-life infrastructure.

Dubai Hills Master Plan 

The local expert area of Dubai Hills has equal parts. One half is in the grip of the beautiful Dubai hills estate master plan Golf Course. While the other is  around Central Park and Dubai Hills Mall. By far, most of the green homes comprise of chateaus, manors, and private plots, while the recreation center side highlights a more extensive blend of homes, including lofts and apartments too. Furthermore, there are business spaces, diversion spaces, parks, eateries, retail outlets, worldwide schools, and elite medical clinics.

Why Choose Dubai Hills Estate?

The accessibility aspect and comfort of that place’s location are the essential and vital variables that come into play when finding a place to live.

Dubai Hills Estate is one of the city’s most convenient and affordable suburban communities. It accesses the best educational facilities, wellness centers, shopping stores, malls, and leisure spots. Besides, the everyday life needs of families living in a location, such as hospitals, supermarkets, banks, etc., can also be seen at the next step in growth.

Nearby Areas

Adjacent Mall and Community Center:

The neighborhood itself has its mall and community center for shopping. Below is a list of local malls:

  • Estate Mall of Dubai Hills
  • The Emirates Mall

Adjacent hospital and clinic:

The city itself has hospitals and facilities of its own. Below is a list of nearest hospitals and clinics:

  • Star Treatment Centre of the Emirates