Five JBR Residences

Five JBR Residences

Five JBR Residences is Five Holdings magnificent masterpiece for individuals looking for stylish seaside living in Dubai. Project Features A

1 JBR Apartments

1 JBR Apartments

1 JBR Apartments is a luxurious Dubai Properties apartment project situated in the Jumeirah Beach Residence neighborhood on the waterfront.

La Vie Tower

La Vie JBR Tower

La Vie JBR Tower is Dubai Properties elegant initiative, situated at Dubai’s most coveted location, Jumeirah Beach Residence. La Vie

Bluewaters Residences by Meraas at JBR

Bluewaters Residences

Bluewaters Residences by Meraas, off the coast of Jumeirah Beach Residence, is a collection of colorful flats, penthouses and podium

Jumeirah Beach Residence

Jumeirah Beach Residence is one of the most significant artificial residential developments in the world. Inside their residential units, the 35 housing towers can train nearly 15,000 people. Six thousand nine hundred seventeen apartments ranging from 900sq ft. studios to 5,500 sq. ft. penthouses form the JBR Scheme. Moreover, Shams, Amwaj, Rimal, Bahar, Sadaf, and Murjan are divided into six residential blocks.

Dubai Properties

Dubai Properties is one of the world’s most significant human-made residential projects. It contains 40 sky-high towers with excellent amenities. Thirty-five of these towers are easily constructed luxury residential towers, and the other five are first-line and top-notch continental hotels.

As we are all well established, Dubai Properties is a project of the internationally recognized and well-applauded Dubai Properties. In all its grandeur and glory, amid its cut-throat rivalry in the shape of an internationally known and strong-footed master developer. Moreover, it is just a decade old and in no way less in its appeal and approach as the ultimate real-estate and land growth firm in the country.

Dubai Properties began as the daughter development of Dubai Holding looking at all things property in 2002. Today, with several mind-boggling master projects to its credit. So, Dubai Properties stands as one of the region’s most esteemed property development and management groups. And again, this lavish production of a famous destination such as JBR has not disappointed him.

It is a locally renowned destination when we talk about Jumeirah Beach Residence and an internationally sought-after destination that holds the same appeal for tourism as it comes to being an appropriate residential and commercial venue. The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence is one of the Emirate’s biggest attractions. Thus, many tourists flock to admire the breathtaking view and experience of The Walk from different parts of the world, adorning spectacular and immaculate restaurants and numerous top-notch shopping outlets and shops adjacent to the magnificent beach behind it. All the shopping spots and hotels in and around The Walk area are world-class four-star and five-star hotels with meals, bars, and cafes that are extremely popular with tourists with their alfresco dining experience.

Why choose Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR)?

It has never been easy to arrive at any significant and critical decision, particularly when it comes to something as fundamental and vital as investing inland. Investing one’s hard-earned money and potentially years of investing in something as uncertain and dangerous as the land investment is not a decision they can make in the blink of an eye. There are an enormous amount of mental roadblocks that one needs to cross on the way to this decision.

Dubai Investment Real Estate

An investor wants to be confident that this unique piece of land will support him and reward him.

  • Why should I waste all of my cash on this property?
  • Will this investment turn out to be as successful as I estimate it will be?
  • Will this particular piece of land in the future appear as profitable as it seems right now, as bountiful?
  • How can my life support this growth inside the premises?
  • In the surroundings of this spot, will I have access to enough facilities and touchpoints?

OK, these and other hundreds and millions of questions are the ones that once they start focusing their minds on some investment, keep coming up again and again in an investor’s brain. If it’s private, industrial, commercial, or even recreational, whatever the sort of investment, these are the mental roadblocks that are bound to annoy you before you make a decision.

However, no matter how normal and inevitable these problems can seem, our role is to cater to all of them and provide our customers with the utmost support, advice, and assistance. And so, that’s precisely why we’ve analyzed these roadblocks and catered to them all, one at a time, to reassure an investor that their investment in Jumeirah Beach Residence will undoubtedly be beneficial.

The fact that it is a multi-purpose development is one of the main reasons for choosing Jumeirah Beach Residence. Jumeirah Beach Residence is an equally sought-after commercial, recreational, and leisure destination and a highly coveted residential venue. This very reality makes this master-development a very profitable investment since it is a draw not just for locals but also for foreigners alike.


Besides, because of its proximity to some very famous and connected roads of Dubai, the development enjoys a very nuclear role. Schools & Colleges, Universities, Hospitals & Clinics, Banks & ATMs all come very next to the residents or even tourists by the well-pronounced and tailored property developers such as Dubai Properties to this master development of Jumeirah Beach Residence.

As mentioned earlier, the leisure and recreational spots are near the Jumeirah Beach Home, in addition to those of the necessities of life, etc., connected to the nearest metro stations. Therefore, all those preparing to live in this lovely and soothing neighborhood would all heave a sigh of relief because they are surrounded by all sorts of transit arrangements, i.e., metro stations, cabs, and public transport, etc. Then what are you going to wait for? If this mega rise, which also has a global scope, where will you invest your money? Do not miss this chance, once in a lifetime, to invest in such a fruit-bearing piece of land that is only supposed to yield more and more profitable returns in the future and become a global icon in the country.

Nearby Places

We also assembled an elaborate and well-researched list of all the nearest locations list by list for ease of comprehension. We gave our readers a more facilitated sense of how close they will be to all the city’s necessary and central locations all day today. Therefore, a list of some of the nearest recreational, recreational, and important places and attractions to Jumeirah Beach Residence is as follows:

Adjacent School and Nursery:

In the surrounding city, the entire Jumeirah Beach Residence area has its schools and nurseries. The following list goes as follows:

  • Nursery Monroe
  • Jebel Ali Nursery Village
  • Nursery Marina Village
  • British Nursery JBR’s Toddler Town
  • JBR Nursery Kidville
  • Family School & Nursery at Al Salam
  • Education of Westminster in Dubai
  • The International American Academy

Adjacent Hospitals & Health Care Facilities:

The entire area of Jumeirah Beach Residence contains in its vicinity a number of some of the finest hospitals and health care facilities and is as follows:

  • Hospital Centre Medicare
  • MBF Hospital JBR
  • Medical Center on Lifeline

Adjacent Shopping Malls:

The complete list of all the malls and shopping centers nearest and nearby to Jumeirah Beach Residence is as follows:

  • Marina Mall Dubai
  • The JBR Shore
  • The JBR Mall
  • Plaza of the Century
  • About Le Mer by Meeras
  • La Plage
  • Shopping Mall Mercato
  • Centre Jumeirah

Adjacent Banks & ATMs:

A bank or an ATM’s location to one’s address is one of the most important criteria. Therefore, JBR has reacted well to this need, and below is a list of some of the nearest banks and ATMs to the development:

  • Islamic Bank of Dubai – ATM
  • Noor Bank-the ATM
  • Islamic Bank Dubai-Branch
  • Branch-RAKBANK
  • NBD of Emirates-ATM
  • Bank of Mashreq-ATM
  • ADCB-ATM of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

Adjacent Hotels:

It is essential to know the hotels, diners, and restaurants available within your proximity while residing within a significant residential development. Any of the hotels in the vicinity of the Jumeirah Beach Residence are below:

  • Marina with InterContinental Dubai
  • Jumeirah Beach Ramada Plaza
  • Hilton Dubai-The JBR Walk
  • Jumeirah’sMovenpick Hotel
  • Sofitel Dubai Playa Jumeirah
  • Suites Elan Rimal
  • Resort at Sheraton Jumeirah Beach
  • Of AmwajRotana
  • Suites RodaAmwaj