Living Legends Villas-Location Map

Living Legends Villas

Living Legends Villas are luxury residences overlooking a spectacular golf course and conveniently positioned within the community center of the

Living Legends Villas

Living Legends Villas

Living Legends Villas are luxury residences overlooking a spectacular golf course and conveniently positioned within the community center of the

Living Legends

Living Legends is one of the city’s most recognizable and distinctive projects. Tanmiyat Properties, a relatively young but well-known firm in the UAE real estate business, is working on a master development project. The Living Legends is without a doubt one of the most popular, well-received, and well-known master developments in the world. Moreover, it is undeniably a one-of-a-kind development with immaculate and stylish villas and apartments for sale, penthouses, and a cluster of 12 residential towers named:

  • Aladdin Tower
  • Ali Baba Tower
  • Caesar Tower
  • Cinderella Tower
  • Cleopatra Tower
  • Hercules Tower
  • Napoleon Tower
  • Rapunzel Tower
  • Sindbad Tower
  • Shakespeare Tower
  • Snow White Tower
  • Queen Sheba Tower

The residential range of Living Legends is as precise as a studio apartment and as massive as a 5BR villa, with 1BR, 2BR, 3BR, 4BR apartments and villas falling in between.

living legends

There is one element that all of the villas and flats have in common: panache. Furthermore, they are the embodiment of panache and all things super-stylish, as seen by the development’s concept and the names given to each of the buildings. Thus, the villas and apartments, which are built, constructed, and planned in the shape of glowing lanterns, stand out brightly among the vast vegetation of the Golf Fields.

As far the view of the location is concerned; regardless of whether you live there or invest there, is a must-see and a sight to see. Not to mention, the community offers easy access to significant landmarks such as schools, hospitals, and shopping centers.

However, it does not stop there; it also has a very important and convenient position in Dubailand, next to the Etisalat Building, on the renowned and central route of Baniyas Road, in one of the busiest and central commercial neighborhoods of Dubai, Deira.

Stunning Community of Living Legends


Why to Invest in Living Legends?

There are hundreds of questions that keep showing up in an investor’s thoughts once they start thinking about investing. Whatever the type of investment, whether personal, residential, business, or even leisure, these are the mental hurdles that must be overcome before making a choice. However, no matter how normal or unavoidable these queries may appear, we must respond to them all and provide our clients with the best possible advice, direction, and assistance.

Living Legends, on the other hand, is a multi-purpose development. Not only that, but Living Legends by Tanmiyat Properties is also a well-planned and sought-after business and recreational destination in addition to being a very attractive residential site. This is one of the reasons why this master-development is such a good investment since it appeals to both locals and outsiders. Furthermore, due to its closeness to some of Dubai’s most prominent and connected routes, the property has a very strategic position. Schools and colleges, universities, hospitals and pharmacies, banks, and ATMs are all within walking distance of residents and visitors to Living Legends.
As previously noted, malls such as Dubai Outlet Mall and others are near this magnificent and lovely community of Living Legends, which is linked to the nearest metro stations. All those wanting to live in this rich yet quiet environment may breathe a sigh of relief because they will be surrounded by all types of commuting options, such as metro stations, taxis, and public transportation. So, what do you have to wait for?

Living legends Community

Adjacent Areas:

A list of some of the nearest recreational, leisure, and essential attractions and destinations to Living Legends is provided below:

Adjacent Hospitals & Health Care Centers:

  • Ace Medical Center
  • Mediclinic Parkview Hotel

Adjacent Schools and Nurseries:

  • Dunecrest American School
  • Newlands School
  • The Aquila School

Adjacent Malls & Shopping Centers:

  • Cityland Mall
  • Dubai outlet Mall
  • Subway Dubailand

Adjacent Hotels:

  • Abidos Hotel Apartments
  • Armada Hotel
  • Ramada Chelsea Hotel

Adjacent Banks & ATM’s:

  • Commercial Bank of Dubai – Branch
  • Dubai Islamic Bank – Branch
  • Emirates Islamic Bank – Branch