Through a joint endeavor between the prestigious and extolled Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (SHUROOQ) and a generally new yet all-around world-renowned Eagle Hills, Maryam Island is the most recent bigger than – life private turn of events. Maryam Island is a significant personal endeavor comprising of two different sub-divisional structures, Azure Beach Residences and Sapphire Beach Residences inside it.

As the self-explanatory names suggest the significance behind their very nature, instead of the respective stones’ aquatic and beautiful properties, both Azure and Sapphire residences are set up.

The Maryam Island complex has its gym, pool, and children’s playground. Residents have access to the ocean and a nearly kilometer-long promenade. On the premises, you’ll also find stores, spa, and restaurants, as well as 24-hour surveillance.


In the delightful region of Downtown Sharjah ignoring the Arabian Sea, Maryam Island is located. At a mere distance of less than 20 km from Sharjah International Airport, this waterfront venue, less than 5 km from Sharjah Expo Center and only 15 km from Sharjah University, ensures convenient access to all the primary vital locations.

Nearby Areas

Adjacent Schools:

In terms of its proximity to schools, the place is very suitable, preserving parents’ minds at ease. Some of the closest schools to Maryam Island are below:

  • Wellington Primary School Jewels
  • Orange Tree Nursery for Children
  • Sharjah International School Victoria

Adjacent Healthcare Centers / Hospitals:

The closeness to the nearest health centers or hospitals is one of the most significant and vital things that relate to a person’s decision-making regarding choosing a place to live in or purchase. With the following health centers located in its immediate reach, Maryam Island is one key location in that regard:

  • Sharjah’s University Hospital
  • Center for Al Badaa Wellbeing
  • European Hospital Belhoul

Adjacent Mall or Shopping Area:

  • The Healthy Shopping Centre, Sharjah
  • Center Sahara