The Dunes Villas

The Dunes Villas are among IMKAN’s most popular projects located at one of Abu Dhabi’s best spots, Nudra. Nudra is

The Shores Villas

The Shores Land Plots are among IMKAN’s most exclusive projects located at one of Abu Dhabi ‘s finest sites, Nudra.

The Beach Villas

The Beach Villas are among IMKAN’s most unique, all personalized projects. The key aspect that separates Nudra is the ability

Nudra is a hidden jewel on Saadiyat Island, where the breathtaking views of untouched white sandy beaches will surround you. Besides, you will be at the epicenter of first-class amenities on Saadiyat Island, including a gymnasium, an infinity pool, a children’s play area, and a tennis court.

Living in Nudra in Abu Dhabi developments means proximity to the country’s commercial capital, the UAE. You would also be incredibly close to world-class facilities for lifestyle, recreation, and entertainment. You will have the chance to have the most lucrative companies in a place where the land of opportunity is considered to be.

Saadiyat Island is set to offer an ideal blend of cosmopolitan life and the beauty of nature. Thus, choose your piece of Nudra by art, community, leisure, soul, and write your own story.

The Developer

IMKAN is one of the most respected and renowned developers in the UAE, making the most extraordinary and distinctive buildings. IMKAN is more than just a developer of real estate.

This incredibly famous developer is committed to creating the most distinctive structures. Currently, all of IMKAN’s shopping, residential, hospitality, and industrial ventures have something in common. They all bring ambition to their surroundings. In addition to this, IMKAN has put the highest emphasis on enriching the lives of people. It is what makes IMKAN an exceptionally rare and distinctive developer of real estate.

It can also be said that IMKAN does its best to feed the spirit, develop an organic sense of community, and encourage creativity through interaction, collaboration, and enrichment. All of IMKAN’s incredible ventures are a result of this objective.

At its core, IMKAN has a robust platform for development and research. In addition to this, IMKAN has a team of dedicated researchers working at any property development cycle level to help initiate, articulate, develop, and facilitate creative solutions.

Another message understood for allowed by IMKAN is to increase the general expectations of inhabitants’ lives by adding to the biological system, climate, and network of each creating property.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE)

As everybody knows, the UAE has one of the biggest real estate markets that have not yet reached its peak. This topic makes the investment so valuable that the properties will increase value in the not-too-distant future. Besides, the UAE has ranked its citizens as one of the most affluent and safe nations. In addition to free-tax income, many business opportunities make working and investing in this country extraordinarily precious and lucrative.

Besides, the Properties in UAE is a strategic location known as one of the most attractive tourist destinations, offering a free and open system with world-class infrastructure and a stable currency.