As the name suggests, Sharjah Garden City is a lovely and luscious green residential complex on Sharjah’s Maliha Lane. The project is Shoumous Properties collaboration between AlBatha Real Estate Company and MAG Group)’s a coming-of-age creative venture. With a vast area of about 10,000 sqft, this immaculately built residential community is probably the first of its kind.

There are 82 residential villas in this gated and protected estate, targeted to be completed by 2019. Engineered by the custom-made ‘Darwish Engineering’ teachers in the region, all the villas’ interiors have a traditional Arabic feel to them, reflecting every intricate detail of the house, the essence of medieval Middle East culture. A spacious living area with five bedrooms and a dedicated guest house offers the residents plenty of space and freedom to decorate and run their homes according to their will.

It has to be the safest living choice for children, a stable household group, allowing them complete freedom to play around in a healthy and secure environment. According to nature conservation principles, the villas are designed with floor-to-ceiling windows that illuminate the houses and ensure the passage of fresh air to the homes 24/7.

Highlights of the project include:

  • A gated residential complex of 82 villas in different configurations.
  • Three, four, and five-bedroom twin villas are available.
  • GCC and Arab nationals have freehold ownership.
  • Access to magnificent homes is open via green construction.
  • Both units will have new services and utilities.
  • The hotel is in a great place, adjacent to major attractions.
  • Interiors that are luxurious with high-end fixtures and furnishings
  • A family-friendly development with plenty of space and privacy.

Nearby Areas

Adjacent Shopping Healthcare Centers:

Below is a list of the nearest healthcare centers/hospitals

  • Medical Center Al Maliha
  • Military Hospital Zayed
  • Military Hospital Al Batayeh

Adjacent Restaurants:

Below is a list of restaurants nearby.

  • Bashing Dune