Germany Island Villas

Germany Island Villas

Germany Island Villas provides an eco-friendly place to relax and spend leisure time, completely fitted with state-of-the-art renewable technology. In

Heart of Europe


The Heart of Europe CÔTE D’AZUR Hotel is one of the liveliest luxurious hospitality projects situated in the beautiful construction

Sweden Beach Palace

Sweden Beach Palace

Inspired by the Sweden Beach Palace Viking vessel framework, the Sweden Palaces exudes both beautiful architecture and functionality. It is

The Floating Venice

The Floating Venice

In the heart of the World Islands, The Floating Venice is the first collection of luxurious water residences in the

Portofino Hotel

Portofino Hotel

Portofino Hotel is a rare luxury accommodation project situated in the beautiful construction of The World Islands. This 5-star luxurious

Switzerland Island Villas

Switzerland Island Villas

Switzerland Island is a beach-facing villa built by The Heart of Europe at the coveted address of The World Islands,

The World Islands

The World Islands Dubai, as the name suggests, are a collection of man-made wonders in the form of islands. When these calloused Islands are grouped, they make an approximate map of the planet. The creativity behind the concept and implementation of this project is undoubtedly deserving of praise since it is not simply a random collection of islands. But the development and crafting of over 300 islands off the coast of Dubai, amidst the dazzling seas of the Persian Gulf.

Dubai's the world islands

Nevertheless, the islands in this archipelago are all named after nations all over the world, such as:

  • Lebanon Island
  • Germany Island
  • so on.

The Developer

The World is another visionary project from Nakheel, which achieves Dubai’s vision with each landmark construction. Moreover, Nakheel, the city’s flagship development business, echoes the city’s ambitious ascent with a portfolio of projects that redefine home, vacation, and investment.

The World Islands Dubai

Projects of The World Islands

The World Islands Dubai for sale, being a mega-project, has a variety of residential structures erected inside it, which are divided into the following four categories:

1. Community Islands

Create a private island of neighbors where families may retreat to a community developed specifically for them, or couples can reunite and rejuvenate in exquisite island apartments. Imagine a location where no one knows one other and the emphasis is only on leisure.

2. Dream Resorts

Deliver the world’s most luxurious resort experience. Make it pleasurable. Make it thrilling. Exoticize it. Make a lasting impression.

3. Estate Homes

Dedicate an island to a private estate house development for weekenders or year-round inhabitants. Create a single unique house style or a blend of design ideas – whatever you choose, the location is unrivaled.

4. Private Homes

Only you and your family have footprints on the sand. The calming murmur of the Arabian Gulf may be heard when napping in your hammock during the day. Life is extremely different on your little island. Create a little single-family house or a large complex. Surround yourself with lush tropical vegetation or the tranquility of a Japanese garden. Create a world that fulfills all of your desires.

The World Islands Development

Thus, The World Islands has already attracted a lot of worldwide attention as an out-of-the-box and one-of-a-kind development. Also, it is still walking steadily in terms of recruiting potential investors – UAE investor visa.