This portion of our website consists of the properties we deal with outside the United Arab Emirates. Three Others Projects countries, i.e., Cyprus, Istanbul-Turkey, and the UK, are of our consideration. Our primary focus is on some specific locations within these countries.

A brief description of the three projects is specified ahead.



Cyprus is a vast Mediterranean island with long stretches of beautiful beaches, a laid-back atmosphere, and moderately costed luxury villas. It makes buying real estate in Cyprus immensely appealing to immigrants, with the bulk of people opting to either move or own a residential property in dreamland.

There are several types of properties to pick from in Cyrpus. You may either buy a vacation home to use on occasion or purchase a house to rent out long-term or residential Property.

The real estate industry in Cyprus has long had a beneficial influence on the economy of the country. The industry accounted for 38.5 percent of the country’s average increase, and 16 percent of the Cypriot economy’s Gross Value Added in 2018.

Being a foreigner, you can avail yourself many advantages if you buy a Cyprus property – a heaven on earth. For example, your property taxes are low. You get a broad international community, and you can also avail yourself of excellent road and rail access to the rest of Europe. Moreover, you can contact Legal citizenship or a passport by real estate acquisition in Cyprus.


Istanbul is the most prominent city in Turkey and also the country’s economic and cultural center. Thus, it is the perfect property investment option for your upcoming residence.

Many factors make the Property for sale in Istanbul more valuable and contribute glamor to it. These include:

  • the city’s proximity to the capital
  • the coastline
  • the stunning views from all vantage points
  • its connectivity and building advantages

Investing in a property for sale in Istanbul is undoubtedly a brilliant investment opportunity because they provide investors with increasingly attractive rental yields and significant capital appreciation.

If you are interested in purchasing a property in Istanbul, you need to listen to both; your heart and brain for making priority decisions. Yet, you need to know about a pure investment or a pure lifestyle when buying a property in Istanbul. Also, you must thoroughly go through the types of Properties that may be suitable for you.


The United Kingdom (UK) is a northern European island republic. It consists of central Great Britain and the northern half of Ireland. Moreover, there are several other islands on the island. In the east, the UK is moderate. While In the north of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales, mountains can be seen.

The online real estate market in the United Kingdom is thriving. It is regulated by portals that list properties for sellers and buyers and deal with brokers to charge them for the Property.

In the economy of the UK, Real estate plays a significant part. English and Scottish property policy govern it. Based on the option of estimation, the UK’s real estate industry is the second-largest in Europe after Germany.

Therefore, you have many good opportunities for Property for sale in the UK if you are planning to own one.

For More Assistance…

Owndxb offers reliable services to our customers with years of experience in international investing. Being your one-stop solution for all of your property needs is our primary focus. Thus, we have an updated and determined portfolio of foreign properties.

Our consultants are real estate professionals who have extensive experience dealing with international clients, especially those from the Middle East. Our team would be pleased to help you locate a suitable investment in Cyprus, Istanbul, or the United Kingdom, thanks to their trustworthiness and expertise.

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