Rights Of Real Estate Buyers

Transferring real estate ownership is not an easy thing
as it is involved in many central and international laws. Under these laws,
there are many rights and responsibilities mentioned. There are rights
for the property buyer, and
he has some duties that must be fulfilled legally. Some of the buyer’s rights
include according to the laws of the United Arab Emirates include:

  • The right to legal verification
    and knowledge of the legal status of the property
  • The right to know about the
    ownership entity
  • The right to obtain a copy of
    the purchase and sales agreement before signing the sale
  • The right to sign a memorandum
    of understanding in which the cost of investment is determined. And when
    will activate, along with all other small details
  • The right to request a
    no-objection certificate
  • And the right to free ownership
    (buying a property in a freehold area allows the buyer to own the land and
    the housing unit on the property).

Before signing the

Before signing any paper, you have the absolute right to inspect
the house before purchasing it. You must contract with an independent qualified
building inspector to submit a building inspection report. The professional
inspection service fee is small compared to the cost of purchasing a property
that needs unexpected repairs.

A qualified inspector will know what to look for and see if any
cosmetic improvements cover the damage. The inspector will provide a written
report listing the defects in the property and whether it needs repair. You can
use the checklist or inspection report to get a quote from a third party. The
information can negotiate price and contract terms with the seller and develop
a maintenance program if you decide to purchase it, but this does not apply to
new properties. Because of new stuff, the developer will correct the defects
for free. For this reason, the customer needs to inspect the property before
receiving it so that he can forward the checklist to the developer to take the
necessary corrective measures.

Contract signing

You and the seller will need to meet at the developer’s office.
This meeting aims to submit an application and pay the value of the NOC to
transfer the ownership. The developer will then issue a no-objection
certificate, but only after ensuring that there are no outstanding fees on the
property that impede the service fee.

It is obtained based on proof of non-prohibition, demand for
sale competition in real estate, and property in Dubai for transfer. You want the library and real
estate sector to certify real estate prices from the time spent. It must share
with the dealer on the date of transfer. You complete all the procedures
relating to the list of conditions for buying properties in Dubai.
It would help if you had a specialized employee licensed by the Dubai Land
Department to ensure that the property title is passed from the vendor to the
buyer. As the above means, all the records and documents submitted to satisfy
the legal criteria for incorporating all information into the government
department’s framework are fulfilled.

The competent authority and perform its audit and then issue its
approval so that the authorized employee can give the title deed to complete
its transfer. Finally, a new title deed is issued in your name, and you will
officially become the owner of the property in Dubai.

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