Taraweeh Prayer in the month of Ramadan

Taraweeh Prayer in the month of Ramadan

Taraweeh is one of Ramadan’s most auspicious and awaited rituals. It is observed in various ways across the world. There are 20 Rakaats of Taraweeh every day and others offering only 8. Overall, Taraweeh is one of Ramadan’s most distinctive celebrations. And it comes with several advantages that Muslims must take advantage of.

Five advantages of Tarawih Prayer

Here are five mind-blowing advantages of reading Taraweeh:

You will get the opportunity to listen to the Holy Quran.

The Holy Quran is the most significant book in Islam, as all Muslims are aware. It is designed to serve as a guide for humanity till the end of time. Thus, it serves as a blueprint for becoming the perfect Muslim. The Holy Quran, too, has a great deal of Barakat, and rightfully so. It is, after all, Allah’s (SWT) word, and as such, it carries the specific benefits that Allah has enshrined in the Quran. What better way to celebrate Ramadan than by standing in front of the Almighty (SWT) and listening to His message for long periods every day?

You follow two of the Holy Prophet’s Sunnahs (PBUH)

Every day of Ramadan, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) would offer Taraawi, and for those 29/30 days, he would listen to the entire Holy Quran. After Fardh, the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is the most recommended activity for Muslims. Hence we must invoke Allah’s (SWT) joy and happiness in this auspicious month by imitating the acts of His beloved Prophet (PBUH).

It simplifies the process of presenting salaat!

It doesn’t matter if you offer 8 or 20 Rakaats of Taraweeh during Ramadan; it’s still a lot more than the Rakaats you offer throughout the year. Because one is already accustomed to standing in prayer for lengthy lengths of time during Taraweeh, it becomes a mechanism by which giving Salah becomes easier. It may thus be viewed as a means to practice providing Salah regularly throughout the year. And as such, it is good in truly reforming our lives and making us more engaged and responsible Muslims all year, not just during Ramadan.

Salah is regarded as the highest form of devotion.

Salah is the ultimate expression of devotion to Allah’s oneness and strength. And it is the most supreme form of worship (SWT). It is the most appropriate means of demonstrating allegiance to Allah and, as a result, is arguably the quickest way to gain Allah’s favor and pleasure (SWT). What better way to spend one’s time than showing one’s devotion to Allah (SWT) in one of His most valued ways. Especially with His gracious nature in full swing and the most auspicious month of the year approaching?

It’s also a great way to get some exercise!

We tend to sleep in during Ramadan and, as a result, do not obtain the necessary exercise to be healthy. That, combined with the customary feasting that occurs between Iftaar and Suhoor, necessitates doing some exercise. Offering Taraweeh in this way is like slaying two birds with one stone!

The Holy Month of Ramadan offers several possibilities to improve our relationship with Allah (SWT) and re-establish broken links. All of which are contingent on our willingness to take advantage of the varied opportunities available. All that is needed of us is that we work with a sense of purpose and want to please our Creator (SWT).


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