TokTok – a homegrown Delivery Server

TokTok - a Homegrown Delivery Server

TokTok – a homegrown Delivery Server, is making waves with 150k users in just two months.

After its introduction in December 2020, totkok, the newest and cheapest distribution service platform, has obtained 150,000 downloads.

After its arrival in December 2020, TokTok, the newest and cheapest distribution service app. It has hit a new record with a total of 150,000 app downloads in just two months. So, Toktok climbed to the number four spot in the App Store’s top ten business applications. It is becoming the fastest-growing and most-downloaded delivery service app.

TokTok - a Homegrown Delivery Server

Toktok currently services Metro Manila and a few Luzon regions, with over 50,000 riders serving customers and distributing their packages. With a base fare of P60 for the first kilometer and an extra P5 for each next kilometer, it is also lauded as the cheapest delivery facility.

One of Toktok’s goals is to help entrepreneurs grow their enterprises and reach out to new clients.

When the pandemic struck the world, the founders, Mr. Jonathan So and Mr. Carlito Macadangdang, saw an increase in demand for distribution services. It led to a community quarantine that restricted the travel of many Filipinos. They also noticed that many Filipinos had lost their work, which led to the development of TokTok, a passion project. 

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla joined the ‘TokTok’ Service.

TokTok - a Homegrown Delivery Server

Until the end of the first year, “TokTok” reveals its newest brand ambassadors, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, as the King and Queen of Hearts.

To formalize this new relationship, the phenomenal love team and the toktok’s young bosses signed a contract on March 3rd.

Toktok hopes that with the aid of Kath Niel’s fan base and Alden and Maine’s, they will be able to spread the news about toktok’s services and inspire their fans to download and use the courier service software for personal and company deliveries.

TokTok - a Homegrown Delivery Server

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the distribution service has been in place, initially covering JC, Siomai King, and CopperMask deliveries. The app was unveiled in December 2020 and now has over 200,000 app users and 40,000 daily riders throughout Luzon.

Not only does a proudly “Gawang Pinoy Para Sa Pinoy App” provide distribution services, but it also allows many Filipinos to raise money from the convenience of their own homes. An online franchisee, operator, or rider, maybe anybody.

Toktok is currently accepting applications for online franchisees, owners, and riders in the Visayas and Mindanao regions.

To learn more about Toktok’s offerings, go to or follow the company on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. One can easily download the APP from the App Store or Google Play.


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