Empowering UAE Nationals: A Quota for Inclusion

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Empowering Local Talent: UAE Nationals Set to Transform Dubai’s Property Landscape

At the heart of this initiative is a strategic quota system designed to ensure that between 10-15% of units in major development projects are allocated for sale by Emirati brokers. This pioneering approach not only aims to enhance the representation of UAE Nationals within Dubai’s real estate salesforce but also reflects a broader commitment to integrating Emiratis into key sectors of the economy.

A Coalition of Leading Developers

In an impressive collaborative effort, the DLD has joined forces with nine of Dubai’s most influential developers, including powerhouses like Emaar, Expo Dubai, Deyaar, Damac, and others. This partnership, forming the backbone of the ‘Dubai Real Estate Broker Programme,’ is the first phase in a series of steps towards achieving greater Emirati participation in the real estate domain.

The Dubai Real Estate Broker Programme: Bridging Opportunities for UAE Nationals

The Dubai Real Estate Broker Programme stands as a beacon of opportunity, aiming to significantly increase the involvement of UAE Nationals in the real estate market. Through this programme, the DLD seeks not only to elevate the number of Emirati brokers but also to cultivate a more diverse and dynamic real estate landscape in Dubai.

Expanding the Horizon for Emirati Participation

Beyond the immediate goal of fulfilling the quota, the initiative envisions a future where UAE Nationals play a central role in various facets of the real estate industry. From sales to development, the programme is set to open doors for Emiratis, offering them unprecedented access to careers and entrepreneurial ventures in one of Dubai’s most lucrative sectors.

A Collaboration That Fosters Innovation

The alliance between the DLD and the nine developers is more than a mere partnership; it’s a joint commitment to propelling the real estate sector towards new heights of innovation and sustainability. Through this collaborative effort, Dubai aims to not only advance its real estate offerings but also to establish a model for sustainable development that can inspire cities worldwide.

Upskilling UAE Nationals for the Future

Central to the programme’s vision is the empowerment of UAE Nationals through professional development opportunities. By providing guidance, training, and support, the initiative seeks to attract Emirati talent to the private sector, equipping them with the skills necessary to thrive in real estate and beyond.

Leadership Insights

Marwan bin Ghalita, acting Director-General of DLD, emphasizes the programme’s potential to make significant strides in Dubai’s real estate sector, both locally and on the global stage. His confidence in the partnership’s ability to produce remarkable outcomes underscores the strategic importance of this initiative for Dubai’s economic future.

The Role of the Private Sector

The call for increased private sector participation in employing and upskilling UAE Nationals reflects a broader governmental strategy to diversify the economy and create sustainable job opportunities for Emiratis. By focusing on the real estate sector—a major draw for young professionals and entrepreneurs—the programme aims to set new benchmarks for private sector involvement in national development efforts.

The Dubai Real Estate Broker Programme: A Catalyst for Change

Launched with the aim of enhancing citizen participation in the real estate market, the Dubai Real Estate Broker Programme is poised to redefine the landscape of Dubai’s economy. By incentivizing Emirati involvement in real estate activities, the programme not only promises to enrich the sector with fresh perspectives but also to solidify Dubai’s reputation as a leading global city for innovation and economic diversity.


The DLD’s initiative to secure a 10-15% quota for UAE Nationals in project launches by Dubai’s leading developers is a bold step towards fostering a more inclusive and sustainable real estate market. As this initiative unfolds, its impact on empowering Emiratis, transforming the sector, and contributing to Dubai’s economic diversification will undoubtedly be profound. Through strategic collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to professional development, Dubai is paving the way for a future where UAE Nationals are at the forefront of shaping the city’s real estate landscape.

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