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UAE National

Empowering UAE Nationals: A Quota for Inclusion

Empowering Local Talent: UAE Nationals Set to Transform Dubai's Property LandscapeAt the heart of this initiative is a strategic quota system designed to ensure that between 10-15% of units in major development projects are allocated for sale by Emirati brokers. This pioneering approach not only aims to enhance the representation of UAE Nationals within Dubai's real estate salesforce but also reflects a...

UAE Golden Business License

Explore the New Horizon of Business in UAE: Introducing the 10-Year Golden Business License

Secure Your Business Future in the UAE with 10 Year Golden Business LicenseElevating Business Standards with the UAE Golden Business LicenseUAE Golden Business License- The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is on the brink of a groundbreaking initiative, signaling a vibrant future for entrepreneurs and business investors. With the successful deployment of the UAE Golden Visa, a beacon for investors,...

Mohamed Alabbar

Mohamed Alabbar Aims to Elevate Budapest’s Skyline with a New Architectural Marvel

Spearheaded by Mohamed Alabbar, Dubai-Inspired Skyscraper Vision Takes Shape in BudapestMohamed Alabbar, a prominent figure from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is at the forefront of an ambitious initiative to transform Budapest's cityscape. Alabbar, renowned for his association with the Burj Khalifa, through his enterprise Emaar Properties, has set his sights on a prime location in Budapest. His proposal...

PNC Menon

PNC Menon’s Monumental Contribution Fuels Educational Endeavor in Dubai

PNC Menon contribute AED 400 Million to Dubai's New University Initiative: A Testament to Generosity and Global EducationDubai Embarks on an Educational Milestone with a Significant Donation from Sobha RealtyPNC Menon CEO of Sobha Realty in Dubai, A leading Property Developer, In a significant stride toward enhancing global educational infrastructure, Dubai has announced the establishment of a new...

Eagle Hills Properties LLC

Eagle Hills Properties Ventures into Europe

Eagle Hills Properties Unveils Dubai like neighbourhood in Budapest, HungaryBudapest's Skyline to Reach New HeightsEagle Hills Properties LLC, under the strategic guidance of UAE Property magnate Mohamed Alabbar, announces an exhilarating partnership with Hungary. This collaboration marks the beginning of a groundbreaking endeavor to construct a neighborhood in Budapest that mirrors the grandeur of...

Nakheel Meydan Merger Dubai Holding

Nakheel, Meydan Merger Elevates Dubai Holding’s Global Stance

Nakheel-Meydan Fusion Boosts Dubai HoldingNakheel Meydan Merger Dubai Holding - In an unprecedented move within Dubai's real estate landscape, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, has announced the merger of Nakheel and Meydan into Dubai Holding. This strategic fusion, led by Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed, aims at crafting a more economically robust entity, poised to fortify...

ramadan in duba

Ramadan 2024: Work-Life Harmony in Dubai

Dubai Embraces Ramadan with Shorter HoursRamadan Schedule Shift for Dubai's Public SectorRamadan in Dubai. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has set the stage for a harmonious work-life balance during Ramadan 2024, announcing a significant reduction in work hours for public sector employees. The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) revealed that federal workers will enjoy a cutback of 3.5...

Dubai real estate market

Why Dubai Stands Out in the Global Real Estate Market?

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