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Revolutionizing Luxury Living with Sobha Realty Dubai: A Legacy of Excellence

Sobha Realty’s journey under Mr. Menon’s leadership is decorated with numerous accolades, recognizing the brand’s contribution to redefining real estate standards. From Forbes Middle East awards to recognitions by the GCC Leadership, Sobha Realty continues to be celebrated for its commitment to excellence and sustainability in the real estate sector.

Sobha Realty Expansion in to Dubai

Identifying Dubai’s potential early on, Mr. Menon extended Sobha Realty’s footprint to the Middle East’s business hub. Sobha Middle East, focusing on luxury residential development, exemplifies Dubai’s world-class infrastructure and sustainable growth, aiming to set new standards in the luxury real estate sector.

Sobha Realty's Foundational Journey

Sobha Realty Dubai – In the vibrant landscapes of India, the visionary Mr. PNC Menon embarked on an extraordinary journey, laying the foundation of what would become a real estate empire.

Starting with a modest interior decoration firm in Oman in 1976, Menon’s passion for excellence propelled the company to the forefront of the industry.

By 1984, his firm had become synonymous with quality and craftsmanship, securing significant contracts and setting the stage for international acclaim.

Sobha Hartland ii

The Evolution of Elegance: Sobha Hartland II

Following the resounding success of Sobha Hartland, Sobha Realty introduces Sobha Hartland II, a new chapter in luxury residential living. This expansive 8 million sq. ft. waterfront community is a sanctuary of sophistication, offering residents an immersive lifestyle amidst verdant gardens, community parks, and a plethora of amenities designed for sustainable luxury living.

Golf Ridges Sobha one

Elevate your lifestyle at Golf Ridges

Indulge in exclusivity with our unique golf course-facing villaments, tailored for a discerning clientele. Experience luxury living like never before. Experience the best of both worlds with our exceptional offerings, blending luxury living with natural tranquility and exciting amenities for a truly fulfilling lifestyle.


Sobha Realty's Foundational Journey

Mr. PNC Menon’s journey also reflects a deep commitment to societal welfare through various philanthropic endeavors, touching lives globally. From empowering rural women to contributing to the healthcare and education sectors, his initiatives have fostered community development and earned him widespread admiration

The Royal Seal of Approval

By consistently showcasing exceptional quality and dedication, Sobha Realty soon became the choice of royal families across Oman, Bahrain, Brunei, Qatar, and Tajikistan. 

The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque stands as a testament to Menon’s unparalleled craftsmanship. 

This period marked the zenith of his career, adorned with projects like palaces and mosques, culminating in receiving Omani citizenship in 1995 as a recognition of his contributions.

Sobha Realty's Inception in India

Transitioning his success to the Indian real estate sector, Mr. Menon established Sobha Developers in Bangalore. Today, Sobha Ltd shines as a beacon in the industry, with a robust presence across India, boasting over 100 million square feet of developed space, and consistently ranking at the top among India’s developers.


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