High Demand for DAMAC Hills 2 Community in Dubai

DAMAC Hills 2 Community

DAMAC Hills 2 Community’s Ascendancy in the Dubai Property Market

DAMAC Hills 2 Community has become a major focal point for property transactions in the UAE. The villa properties, ready for immediate move-in, are particularly popular among home seekers.

Robust Growth in Off-Plan Apartments of Damac Hills 2 Community

From 2021 to the end of 2023, off-plan apartments in this community have seen an impressive 16% growth in price per square foot, signaling a robust upward trend.

Consistent Capital Appreciation Across Clusters

According to data from the Dubai Land Department (DLD), villa properties in DAMAC Hills 2 have consistently appreciated in value. Notably, seven clusters within the community have experienced double-digit growth rates in capital values over the past two years.

Damac Hills 2 Community – A Preferred Choice for Property Transactions

The DLD highlights DAMAC Hills 2 as one of the top locales for property dealings in the UAE. The sprawling 55 million sq. ft development by DAMAC Properties offers an unmatched community living experience in Dubai, blending leisure, recreation, and scenic beauty. This attractiveness is reflected in the impressive sales figures, with 11,806 units sold.

Secondary Market Transactions Indicate Growing Popularity

The last three years have seen a surge in secondary market sales, with nearly 1,700 units sold, demonstrating a strong demand for villas. The community’s rental market is also on the rise, attracting both investors and residents, who currently number over 30,000.

Exceptional Growth in Damac Hills 2 Villa Properties

Over the past three years, villa properties in DAMAC Hills 2 have seen a remarkable 22% growth. The Aquilegia cluster, featuring villas with 3 to 6 bedrooms, is particularly sought after.

High Rental Demand for Spacious Properties

Spacious villas, especially those with six bedrooms, are highly coveted in the rental market. Two-bedroom apartments are also popular, experiencing a 44% increase in rental rates over just nine months.

Strong Performance of Off-Plan and Small Apartments

Even off-plan properties are witnessing significant appreciation, with a notable 16% increase in price per square foot since 2021. Two-bedroom and studio apartments have seen rental demand grow by 37% and 36%, respectively, over the past three years.

Navitas Residences A Leads in Price Growth

In 2023, Navitas Residences A topped the price increase charts at 7% compared to 2021, enhancing DAMAC Hills 2’s reputation as a prime investment destination.

A Hub of Amenities and Natural Beauty

DAMAC Hills 2 is divided into zones like Central Park, District Park, and Picnic Park, each offering unique attractions such as Water Town’s Malibu Beach, sports facilities in Sports Town, and diverse entertainment options in the Pavilion area.

A Leading Destination for Real Estate Investments in Dubai

DAMAC Hills 2 remains at the forefront of Dubai’s real estate market, continuing to draw significant interest from investors and residents with its luxurious offerings and vibrant community life.

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